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Mini Clap

Remember back when I was making the Clapotis and then ripped it out because I was going to run out of yarn? I started the mini version yesterday. Same yarn, just a skinnier scarf version because let’s face it… I don’t ever, EVER wear shawls. I would have only used the Clap as a scarf, so why bother making the shawl/scarf version when I can just make the scarf version? *nods* So yeah… once it’s a little bigger I’ll take pictures. I’m just finishing up the increase section so there’s nothing major to show yet.

Socks are still coming along just fine but I needed to take a break… the small needles aren’t playing well with my tendonitis and my current pain in my neck that I can’t go to the chiro for until after I get paid.

Tis all for now… I need to go eat some dinner before I head out for my Sunday Night Stitch n’ Bitch.

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So Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos had a contest not too long ago and I was a lucky winner. *yay!* Wanna see what showed up in the muggle mail yesterday?

I love a contest!

Purty pink speckled yarn that Chris dyed herself, a breast cancer awareness travel mug from Caribou Coffee, a retractable measuring tape (which Oscar the Tape Measuring Hunter has already been eyeing in the package), a CD full of cat-inspired songs (Chris has two kitties who often take the spotlight on her blog), Halloween socks with black cats on them (I shall name them Mayhem and Chaos in honor of Chris’ kitties), and even the card she sent with everything had a cat on it too! 🙂 I love getting fun mail! Thanks so much, Chris! The yarn is soooooooo yummy soft and beautifully dyed! I think it’s the speckled stuff from KnitPicks, right Chris? Whatever it is, I likey. 🙂

In knitting news, I have been working on the heelless sock, but they aren’t big enough to photograph with detail. They’re turning out uber cool though. Perhaps once I’ve gotten through the next set of repeat rows I can be able to show you what the design is coming out like. 🙂 Fidget has a pretty nice picture of the design close up… scroll down just a bit. 🙂

That’s about all I’ve got for now. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m off to see Maroon 5, The Hives, and Sara Bareillies for a belated birthday gift. I’m sure knitting will be done on the drive down to the Palace… wee!

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Measuring Tape Hunter

Last night/this morning while I was knitting Oscar decided that he was feeling frisky. Apparently retractable measuring tapes are like crack cocaine for kitties. 🙂

“Die evil tape measure scum!”
I'll get you, my wiggly little beast!

“Mama… I think it’s alive.” (Psst… you can see one of his “thumbs” in this one… hehe)
I saw it move, I swear I did...

“After hunting the evil tape measure, it’s always important to bathe thoroughly…”
I just feel so... dirty...

Such a nutjob he is… 🙂 The new socks are coming along… I’m finally past the ribbing and up to the fun stuff. Nothing too exciting to photograph yet though, so I’ll hold off for now. Perhaps once Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Big Shots are over though I’ll have something pretty to show off. 🙂 Yay premiere week!

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FO: Potluck Socks


Yay for a finished pair of socks just in time for the weather to come back out of the eighties and hopefully feel a little more like Fall again! I’m calling these the Potluck Socks because I’ve used so many different parts of patterns for them that they’re a little nuts. But, they’re pretty and they fit and they’re all mine so I’m happy. 🙂

Oh and this is mine too…


The Heelless Sleeping Socks have begun and I’m a little bit in lust with the yarn. I was skeptical about the whole Aloe and Jojoba in it making my hands softer and then my feet softer, but you know what? It’s working. When I’m knitting with this stuff there’s none of that “gee my hands are getting dried out from the yarn” feeling. It’s a little splity, which is always annoying, but I’m not complaining too much at this point. I totally had to add stitches to this pattern though, it only wanted me to cast on some insane amount like 42 stitches using size 2 needles and sockweight yarn… uh, no. That probably wouldn’t even fit Devin. But now that I’ve added my stiches and it’s more like a normal sock size, knitting is going along smoothly. 🙂 And speaking of knitting… I’m going to go so some more while I finishing watching the premiere of Boston Legal. 🙂

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Meme time!

So, here are the rules.
1. Link to your tagger (Miss Kelli) and post rules
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog

Seven facts about me… hmm…

1. I have two degrees… An AA in Human Services and a BA in Community Services. I use them to deal with high maintenance yarn shoppers while working at my LYS. 🙂 *they’re not all high maintenance, but let me tell ya… a human/community service background comes in handy when dealing with the public in any form whether they’re customers or clients*

2. I’m an extreme Backstreet Boys whore fan. I’ve been a fan since 1998 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In the 9 years I’ve been a fan, I have been to 15 concerts plus a singing of the National Anthem at a Piston’s game and a Miss Teen USA pageant in Florida (where one of the guys was a judge and another was a co-host) to see them. On April 5th, 2005 I met them and it was literally the Best Day Ever.
People who use my love of Backstreet to pick on me are mean and stupid.

3. I’m biracial. My mom is white, my dad black. I LOVE being biracial, I think of it as my own little personal fight against racism. 🙂

4. I have two furkids. Kira is my oldest cat, she’s six years old and a total diva. She pretty much dislikes everyone except for me. 🙂

My baaaaaybeee

Oscar is my youngest cat and he’s four. I’ve only had him for a year though as he was a rescue kitty. He’s a big dufus and an extreme klutz. He also has extra toes on both of his front paws so he looks like he has mittens with thumbs.

Oscar the Great

Oscar Toes

5. For seven years I ran support groups for children who were grieving the death of someone at an organization called Ele’s Place. The kids in my group were aged 3 to 6 years old and I learned more from them than I can tell you. They’re amazing.

6. I think the Lifetime channel and any of it’s spawn are the devil. LOL

7. The only thing I have ever known 100% that I wanted to do with my life is to be a mom. I still don’t have my own kids yet, but I’ve been a babysitter, daycare employee, assistant preschool teacher, nanny, aunt, big sister, god mother, mentor and co-parent to so many kids that I’ve got more parenting under my belt than a lot of mothers. I’m also not above having children on my own if I don’t find the right person to have kids with (although I would much rather do it with someone, of course).

Okay I know I’m only supposed to do seven but whatever, consider this a bonus. 🙂

8. I have five tattoos and have plans to get my sixth hopefully before the end of this year.

As for who I tag… Hmm… Kristi, Dirty Sue, Toya, Largmarj, Marcia, Karen, and Amby.

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Extreme cuteness

Okay, I don’t have a little girl to make this for but oh. my. goodness is it ever cute!

Follow the link.

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Anyone have a favorite pattern for kid socks? I want to make them for an almost one year old, an almost five year old, and an almost eight year old. hehe. 🙂 Nothing fancy schmancy, just basic socks only smaller. 🙂 I prefer the free version of pattern as well, but I’m open to pay ones IF they’re proven to be fabulous. 😀

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