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Measuring Tape Hunter

Last night/this morning while I was knitting Oscar decided that he was feeling frisky. Apparently retractable measuring tapes are like crack cocaine for kitties. 🙂

“Die evil tape measure scum!”
I'll get you, my wiggly little beast!

“Mama… I think it’s alive.” (Psst… you can see one of his “thumbs” in this one… hehe)
I saw it move, I swear I did...

“After hunting the evil tape measure, it’s always important to bathe thoroughly…”
I just feel so... dirty...

Such a nutjob he is… 🙂 The new socks are coming along… I’m finally past the ribbing and up to the fun stuff. Nothing too exciting to photograph yet though, so I’ll hold off for now. Perhaps once Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Big Shots are over though I’ll have something pretty to show off. 🙂 Yay premiere week!

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