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Happy Turkey Day!

Good morning, sunshines!

The dog has been let out to pee, the cats & the fish have been fed, and I’ve got my coffee and the 80th Macy’s Day Parade! Wee! I love, love, love the parade. I know a lot of people who gave up on watching the parade years ago but I watch it every year. Love it. :o) And the first Broadway performance of the morning was from A Chorus Line which is one of my favorite shows! Yes, I sat here on the couch and sang the whole freaking song along with them. hehe… And ya know, I’ve never been a big fan of  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas but the musical looks like it might be cute. :o) I have to say though, it’s weird to have Meredith Viera doing the parade instead of Katie Couric.

So the cheesecake is baked and chilling. It cracked a little bit, unfortunately but it’s a new recipie so I didn’t exactly expect perfection the first time around. I used the Cheesecake Factory recipie for Pumpkin Cheesecake. Yum. Oscar, TJ and I fel asleep on the couch last night waiting for it to cool so I could put it in the fridge, then we finally jumped in bed around 2:30. :op The only  reason I’m up this early is because of the parade. I don’t really have to be anywhere for quite a while, so I could be sleeping… but nope. It’s Parade Day! And it’s Aunt Kellie Squirts Redi Whip From the Can Into Mouths Day! Hehe… Ravyn’s been talking about it for a week now, it’s the one Thanksgiving tradition that I have with the munchkins. I was the first person to teach the ways of Redi Whip to Brian, Ravyn, and Wesley and next year when Devin is old enough he’ll get it too. :o) Hehe…

Hopefully this year will go off a lot better than last year. We’ve shortened the guest list to hopefully prevent another Craig (my big brother) incident.  This year it’ll just be Craig’s family, Dad, Anne & Brian, Mom and me. Hopefully it’ll all be cheerful and it’ll be a nice time. This should be the last year that Craig works holidays for 7 years. He works 7 days for 10-12 hour shifts then has 7 days off. So for the last seven years he’s had to work all of the holidays, but next year it flips and he doesn’t have to do holidays for 7 years. So the next time he’ll have to work on Christmas, for example, Ravyn will be 14, Wesley 11 and Devin 7. ;o) Weird to think of them that old. And by golly I better have a kid or two by then! hehe…

Hehe… High School Musical! *sings* “We’re allll lin this togetherrrrr….”

Ohhh… Oscar and TJ are laying next to each other. :o) Too cute…

LOL at the look on Oscar’s face.

Oh and this is a video of Spazy last night at my Grandpa’s house… he was eating but he has a very odd way of doing it. hehe… Note: his food was in the cage.

Okay, this post is getting a little too random and I’ve been working on it for two hours… hehe :o) I’m off to drink coffee and wish I were at the parade (even though it’s raining there and looks a little miserable). :o) And note to self: I so need to buy a coffee warmer for home like I have at work. I’m spoiled, my coffee cools off WAY too fast here at home without the handy dandy warmer (which is quite possibly THE best coffee accessory ever invented).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember, pitty parties aren’t allowed on Thanksgiving, you have to look for the good! :o) Mwah!!

Wait! I can’t make a Turkey Day post without my thankful list! Duh!

I’m thankful for wonderful lj & knitting blog peeps who keep me smiling, giggling, writing, and give me fun stuff to read on a daily basis.

I’m thankful for a quiet (allbeit messy) house with the sun shining through the window on me.

I’m thankful for furkids who love me unconditionally.

I’m thankful for my family, however weird they might be they’re all mine and I wouldn’t be me without them.

I’m thankful for friends, new and old, who love me despite my faults and embrace me for me.

I’m thankful for a paycheck every other week that allows me to have a home and food and things to keep me safe warm and healthy.

I’m thankful for being a music fan because without music I never would have met so many of the wonderful people in my life, I wouldn’t have had the great experiences I’ve had, and I wouldn’t have rediscovered my love of writing which also brought amazing people into my life.

I’m thankful that I’m loved and have the ability to love others.

I’m thankful that I have a partner in crime at work to make the days less crapalicious.

I’m thankful for coffee and Prozac! hehe…

And last but not least, I’m thankful that I am able to be thankful for so many things.


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Lou Shawl, part 2

I  ended up ripping out the shawl.  The perfectionist in me couldn’t bear the idea of giving a gift with such a crappy error in it.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what I want to do for this shawl.  I’ve looked at a billion different patterns, tried a few, hated them all.  I saw this one today via a knitting community in livejournal and I love the look but it doesn’t exactly work for the yarn I have.  Which would mean another trip to the LYS for new yarn.  But Lou does live in Georgia so the lightweight of this pattern would be good.  Bah!  I’m beginning to think that I need to work on a different project so that I can finish something and feel the satisfaction of having a FO and then maybe I’ll feel motivated to work on the shawl.

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I mentioned not too long ago that I started my sister’s shawl.   


 Then I found a problem…


A mystery loop of doom has shown up and it’s so many rows back that the idea of frogging back to the loop makes me very sad.  I can’t decide if I’m going to rip the whole damn thing out and just start over, again, or leave it and try to make it work by fudging it. 

This on the other hand is the pretty that will one day make a scarf for a dear friend of mine who hopefully doesn’t read this blog. hehe… It’ll be what I call a “Norma Scarf” because my friend Norma who taught me to knit makes these beautiful scarves with bunches of different yarns and this will be my attempt at being cool like her. hehe.


 The colors aren’t true, but they’re all shades of pinks.  I think this will be the next project I begin because I can’t wait to play with all of the different yarns.

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Still working on the wrist warmers I posted about last week.  I really need to stop knitting for myself and focus on gifts. 😀


And a close up of the pretty… Steinbach Wolle.  I have no idea what the color name is because its not in English. hehe… but I love it.  I got it at Threadbear.

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I’m not getting nearly enough knitting done despite how close we are to Christmas.  But, that’s what happens when you’ve got a crazy person living in your house (who is in the process of moving out) and you’re in school and working full time. 

I did manage to start a new pair of wristwarmers this week.  I’m using this pattern, sorta.  I’m using the sock yarn I bought for myself in October because I STILL haven’t started any new socks, but now that I’ve begun making the wrist warmers and I’m seeing how purty the yarn is, I want socks out of it. :op  So I may just have to go back to Threadbear and buy two more balls of it and one day make socks to match my wrist warmers. LOL How tacky would that be?  Or maybe I can be crafty and turn the wrist warmer into a sock.  I’ve never done top down socks, so I haven’t a clue how to do it, but I’m still on what would be the top of the sock (if I were making socks).  I dunno, but I plan on knitting tonight in front of the television as long as I don’t fall asleep first. 😀  It’s cold and rainy out today, perfect for staying in and knitting.

Tomorrow’s the big day for Kristi!  Keep her and her boys in your happy thoughts!

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I’ve been looking for this stinkin link since forever!  I love Knitty, I really do… but it really, REALLY sucks that their archives are never up to date.  Anywho… this is the tutorial for Judy’s magic toe-up cast on using circular needles.  Wee!  It still looks like it’s a case of using two sets of circs (which means I’ll be buying MORE needles… *le sigh*) but hey… if it works, it works. 🙂

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Still knitting…

No knitting pictures to share right now, but I am still knitting! :o)    I finished the scarf from my last post for Ravyn a week ago and it’s quite lovely… she’s enjoying it quite a bit. 

I also began then ripped out and re-started a shawl for my baby sister. :op  I had a pattern I was using but it was driving me nuts so I decided to just wing it instead.  Now it’s basically 5 rows of knitting, a drop stich row, 5 rows of knitting, a drop stitch row, etc. etc. :o) I’ll take a picture once it’s far enough off the needles to actually see what I’m doing. :o)  For some reason I decided to do the shawl on straight needles instead of circs and well… it’s working just fine but I can’t see the progress as easily because it’s all jammed on my needle.  LOL I’m special.  Tonight is Lost/Knitting Night though so hopefully I’ll make some decent progress on it to show off. Oh and I’m knitting it in Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft that I got at Threadbear.  I think I have the Shepherd Sport version of the yarn, it’s super soft.  Yummy.


I still haven’t started the socks that I bought yarn for three weeks ago. 😦  But my Saturday class ends this Saturday which means I get to reward myself with more yarn! 🙂  I need to take my mother to Threadbear, she hasn’t been there yet and was telling me the other day that she wants to re-learn how to knit.  Maybe a store full of yummy yarn will help motivate her.

I realized over the weekend that I never took pictures of Devin’s finished baby blanket.  We were at the movies Saturday and I snuggled him as he slept through the whole movie and used the blanket.  It’s still not my favorite thing in the world, but it looks better now that it’s been washed.   I’ll try and get pictures of that the next time I’m over loving on him.  He’s up to 10 lbs 9 oz now! 😀  3 ounces more than Wesley was at birth.  *giggles*  I do have pictures of the kids I could share… 😀

Here’s Devin’s finished birth announcement with the belly cast picture. :o)

And here’s the Goober himself at McD’s yesterday…


Wesley enjoying Nuggets dipped in Ranch…

And finally… Miss Ravyn also stuffing her face. 😀

Tis all for now… happy knitting!

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