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Mini Clap

Remember back when I was making the Clapotis and then ripped it out because I was going to run out of yarn? I started the mini version yesterday. Same yarn, just a skinnier scarf version because let’s face it… I don’t ever, EVER wear shawls. I would have only used the Clap as a scarf, so why bother making the shawl/scarf version when I can just make the scarf version? *nods* So yeah… once it’s a little bigger I’ll take pictures. I’m just finishing up the increase section so there’s nothing major to show yet.

Socks are still coming along just fine but I needed to take a break… the small needles aren’t playing well with my tendonitis and my current pain in my neck that I can’t go to the chiro for until after I get paid.

Tis all for now… I need to go eat some dinner before I head out for my Sunday Night Stitch n’ Bitch.

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Hi ho hi ho…

I had a whole post written up and then my browser decided to be a bitch and die on me. *insert whining* Let’s see if I can remember what the heck I said the first time around. πŸ™‚

So yeah… one of the cool things about working in a yarn store is that in the past when I’d lose the label for my yarn and someone would ask me what yarn I was using I’d say, “I dunno… but I bought it at ThreadBear a year ago…” But now I have access to these handy dandy sample books that show me the name and colorway of the mystery yarn!

So for those of you who have asked me what the yarn is that I’m using on my current socks:

Strapaz Cotton Effekt

…I finally have an answer. πŸ™‚ The above Pretty is Steinbach Wolle’s Strapaz Cotton Effekt Colorway #01. It’s pretty and it’s cotton, wool and polyamide (whatever that is) and I love it. But no, we don’t have it in the shop anymore. We’ve got other’s kind of like it though.

And to answer your next question… no I’m still not done with Sock #2. I’m ready to turn the heel, but alas… the effing pattern is missing! I used Lynn H’s (a ThreadBear regular) toe up sock pattern for the heel of Sock #1 and now I can’t find the pattern to finish this sock. This is, of course the same pattern that I lost the first three pages of… but because I’m in love with the toe up toe found over on Knitty, I didn’t need those pages, but I do need at least the heel pages! I could re-buy the pattern, this I know. I just don’t wanna. So yeah, the sock is on hold until I decide what to do. πŸ™‚

I did cast on for the Heelless Sleeping Socks though to see if it’s going to be a good pattern for Christmas knitting (translation: no fitted socks). I don’t have enough done to even bother taking a picture yet, but once I do I will of course. I’ve got a picture of Ravyn’s scarf though… I ripped it out and started it again in a different pattern which I love (the No-Roll Scarf). It’s actually bigger than this now because I worked on it last night at Shawn’s, but here’s a glimpse.
No Roll Scarf

In other news, I want to create a scarf. Not just any scarf though. See, in 46 days the world will be graced with a new Backstreet Boys cd. I am a Backstreet Whore if you didn’t already know it. And because nearly everything I do seems to merge with knitting now a days, I was thinking “I should make a Backstreet scarf between now and cd release day.” Why? Because I’m a dork. I don’t know what this scarf might consist of, but it’s still a new idea. πŸ™‚ Maybe if I can get Matt to add Backstreet to the playlist for the shop *batts eyelashes and blows kisses* I could be inspired while I’m working. LOL

With that… I’ll sign off for now. I feel like knitting and have rambled enough for now. πŸ™‚

Knitterpalooza this Saturday!

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I finally made it back to The Shop yesterday to knit. As soon as I walked in the door I both remembered why I’ve missed being there so much, as well as why I haven’t been going there so much. It’s hard to say at this point which of the two is going to win and to be totally honest… that really sucks.

Knit Night at Shawn’s was lovely though and I got to the heel flap of my second sock. Woo! Oh and Blogless Emily let me borrow her copy of this month’s Book Club book (“The Knitting Circle” by Ann Hood) so I can read it really fast before Sunday. Thanks, Blogless Emily! πŸ™‚

6 <– That’s a message from Devin. hehe

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I bought some wool back around mothers day in anticipation of making my mom a Booga Bag. I started one and then decided I didn’t understand the directions so it sort of just sat there for a while. Tuesday night while I was deciding what projects to take with me to Knit Afternoon and Knit Night on Wednesday I had an idea… Why not use the wool on my Knifty Knitter to make a bag?

So Wednesday evening at Shawn’s I started a bag. Last night at my mom’s, I finished it.

Before Felting…
Before Felting

After Round One…
After Round One

After Round Two…
After Round Two


Look Ma, I made you a perfect cozy for the sharps container! Hahaha… It’s currently in the window drying. I haven’t decided what to do about a handle/strap yet, but whatever. FYI… the sharps container is for Katie, the dog. hehe… she’s allergic to everything and has to have regular allergy shots.

In other news… I love my knitting friends. LOVE them.

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Day of Knitting

I had a lovely day of knitting today (Wednesday although it’ll be Thursday by the time I post this). I finally made it over to TB for the Wednesday afternoon knit-in and met the lovely ladies whom I’ve blogged with for a while. Kristi didn’t get to stay long after I got there but I at least got to see cute little Mr. Austin! Oh he’s soooo darn cute! πŸ™‚ It was lots of fun to sit around and knit and listen to people talking though, very nice. I think that after spring break I’ll be able to make it more often on Wednesdays because I shouldn’t have to babysit anymore on Wednesday afternoons. Yay!

I worked on my scarf that I started over the weekend while I was at TB and then finished it at Shawn’s before American Idol began. Then I started a pair of wristwarmers for my mom with this fabulous yarn I bought today at TB that’ll match her coat fabulously. I got one done by the time that Lost was over, so tomorrow when I’m once again sitting in front of the television all night I’ll finish up the second one. πŸ™‚ Pictures soon.

And now… I really need to go to bed because I actually have to function like a person with a job tomorrow because it’s an interning day. πŸ™‚

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Weird pooling

I’m almost done with these. I’m a little disappointed in the pooling of the stripes on the first one though (the one on the right) now that the second one looks so much better. I may have to make a third one and see if it goes better. πŸ™‚ I’m not real concerned with things matching up totally, I think it’s better when they’re different, but yeah, these are almost too different.

Kid wristwarmers are a super fast knit though… I love it. I started the second one last night just before Idol came on at 8 and by the time I was leaving Shawn’s just after 11 I was almost done. I would’ve stayed and finished it but she had to work this morning because she has a job and well… I let her go to bed. LOL

She didn’t get any knitting done, but she did do her taxes. LOL We’ve got Knit Night all planned out though. As you may recall, Knit Night was originally Lost & Knit Night. Then when Lost went on Hiatus it was Day Break and Knit Night. Now, it’s going to be Water Aerobics followed by Bones, Idol, Lost & Knit Night. LOL We’re dorks.

I also decided last night while looking through the stitch dictionary over at Lion Brand that I’m going to attempt to learn some of the stiches there. There are some great ones over there and they don’t look too hard, I just haven’t ever done much more than your basic knit, purl, YO, drop stitch and stuff. I also want to learn to do cables but yeah… holding off on that for a while. πŸ™‚

Anywho… happy knitting!

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Knitting & TV

Last night was beautiful. Can I just say, I love my Shawnie. She’s such a wonderful wife (long story… I call her my wifey but she’s just my best buddy) and I just love her to pieces. :o) I’m going to LOVE having our Wednesday Night Dates because they’re so relaxing! Last night I headed over to her apartment after work with a freshly baked pie in tow (no I didn’t bake it… lol I bought it). She made homemade potato soup for dinner (yum) and we basically sat around all night and watched television and knitted. :o) I finished Devin’s blanket, I still hate it, but it’s done and I’ll give it to him tonight. :op

I also attempted yet again to begin my Day of the Dead project but it just wasn’t being nice to me so I ripped it out again. Damn pattern. I think I’m going to make up my own pattern now just so I can actually get something done by the deadline.

We watched Dancing with the Stars and were happy to finally see Jerry go. We also cracked up because if you ever wondered what my dad looks like, just watch Emmet Smith. My dad is chubbier, but I kept saying, “He looks like my dad!” hehe… he really does. :o) He’s cute and so is my dad, frankly. :o) Our theme of the night other than knitting was “Why do we do this to ourselves?” Watching Lost and The Nine just reinforced that Shawn and I are addicted to a lot of shows that drive us nuts.Β  Heroes, Β Prison Break, Β Lost, Β The Nine… they’re all shows with a big mystery that we watch and love but also hate because we just want to know what the hell is going on! :o) Love Lost, LOVE it. But damn it all… I want to know what is happening. I wanna know why they’re on the island and what the hell The Others are trying to do, and how they have communication with the rest of the world but are still on the islands, and why The Others are so evil and why Desmond can see the future now and where the hell Rose and her hubby are! :op *sighs* :op

But yeah, last night was muchly needed and we’re scheduled to do it all over again next week! ;o) Ahh the joy of Wednesday class being finished!

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