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FO: Potluck Socks


Yay for a finished pair of socks just in time for the weather to come back out of the eighties and hopefully feel a little more like Fall again! I’m calling these the Potluck Socks because I’ve used so many different parts of patterns for them that they’re a little nuts. But, they’re pretty and they fit and they’re all mine so I’m happy. 🙂

Oh and this is mine too…


The Heelless Sleeping Socks have begun and I’m a little bit in lust with the yarn. I was skeptical about the whole Aloe and Jojoba in it making my hands softer and then my feet softer, but you know what? It’s working. When I’m knitting with this stuff there’s none of that “gee my hands are getting dried out from the yarn” feeling. It’s a little splity, which is always annoying, but I’m not complaining too much at this point. I totally had to add stitches to this pattern though, it only wanted me to cast on some insane amount like 42 stitches using size 2 needles and sockweight yarn… uh, no. That probably wouldn’t even fit Devin. But now that I’ve added my stiches and it’s more like a normal sock size, knitting is going along smoothly. 🙂 And speaking of knitting… I’m going to go so some more while I finishing watching the premiere of Boston Legal. 🙂

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