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Anyone have a favorite pattern for kid socks? I want to make them for an almost one year old, an almost five year old, and an almost eight year old. hehe. 🙂 Nothing fancy schmancy, just basic socks only smaller. 🙂 I prefer the free version of pattern as well, but I’m open to pay ones IF they’re proven to be fabulous. 😀

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Pattern request

Does anyone have the Heelless Sleeping Socks pattern from Nancy Somebody’s Sumthin’-sumthin’ Vintage Socks book? LOL No that’s not the name of the book, but it’s the name of the socks. I like the look of them and want to make them but don’t want to buy another pattern book just for one effing sock pattern (nor do I have the money to do so).

Anyone? Anyone?

I’d gladly swap the pattern for one that I have in a book. I have the following books:
Esquisite Little Knits
Mason Dixon Knitting
Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks, Warm Feet
Stitch N Bitch

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