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So let’s see… when I last left off I’d begun dyeing yarn and was knitting a set of Noro socks. I finished the socks and Sock #2 turned out with less of a wonky stripe at the heel thankfully. I’m still not thrilled with the thick and thin of Noro especially when dealing with something as fine as sock yarn, but the color is so worth it, I WILL be trying to figure out how they get such beautiful colorways in their dyeing. 🙂

Noro socks

Noro socks

I dyed this…

Hand-dyed by me.

Hand-dyed by me.

…to finally make my sister a stole/scarf/wrap thingy. 🙂 I’m using the One Skein: A Stole pattern which is free in Ravelry and uber easy yet lovely.

I treated myself to a new camera for my upcoming birthday so I can now take pictures like these…

4th of July

4th of July

St. Joe at Sunset

St. Joe at Sunset



There’s been more yarn dyeing…

Hand Dyed by Me

Hand Dyed by Me

Rainbow sock flat hand dyed by me

Rainbow sock flat hand dyed by me

I went on a much needed vacation during which I fell in love again with St. Joe, MI and taking photographs of it’s beautiful scenery.

Lookout Point

Lookout Point

And finally, I saw the latest Harry Potter movie at 12:01 a.m. this morning with a theater full of diehard Potter-Heads. 🙂



Tis all for now! 🙂

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WIP: My fake Noro scarf

I wanted to do the Noro scarf that seems so popular this year but I couldn’t decide what colors of Noro to buy and kept putting it off. Then I went to Knit Michigan and fell in lust with “Mini Mochi” by Crystal Palace.
Mini Mochi

So I bought 4 skeins in two colors and cast on for a scarf when my Grandpa was in the hospital. Many hours of hospital knitting was had plus some knitting at home, at friends homes, and in coffee shops… it’s still not done but it’s progressing quite nicely if I do say so myself. 🙂


I’m using a US 4 and the pattern is the No-Roll Scarf pattern alternating between the two colors every two rows. 🙂


For those of you who don’t know what the No-Roll Scarf is:
Cast on a number of stitches that are a multiple of 4.
Row 1 – *K1, P3*, repeat * to *.
Row 2 – (The Important Row) – P1, *K1, P3*, repeat * to *, ending K1, P2.
Now, just continue working Row 1. DO NOT work Row 2 ever again!

Much more fun than doing a ribbed scarf. 🙂

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FO: 3 Row scarf

Remember that scarf I posted about back in October? The one I was making out of Lion and Lamb? I really did finish it. I just don’t have a good photo of it yet due to the camera issue. Here’s a bad phone photo though. I’m adopting my mom’s camera until I can get mine fixed or replaced though so I’ll try and remember to get a good photo of it soon. 🙂


Super easy pattern which of course I can’t remember now. I’ll see if I have it written down somewhere. I wanna say Row 1 was purl, then Row 2 was k1, m1 across, then Row 3 was knit. Don’t quote me on that one though. 🙂

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WIP: Illusion knitting

I’ve been wanting to try illusion knitting for a while and apparently this winter it was finally time. 😉 This will eventually (hopefully before Christmas Eve) be a scarf for my Ravynnator.



Cool, eh?

The pattern is from here. Yarn is Caron’s Simply Soft (aka “Yarn my SIL can’t kill”)

That is all… I need to actually KNIT instead of playing online. 🙂

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I spent the weekend in Manistee at a friend’s cottage with 9 other women and a very large dog. There was a blizzard (literally) and we were “stuck” inside all weekend. Knitting was certainly accomplished. 🙂

This is from a Needful Yarns Camp Set… they fit the Doodlebutt perfectly. Matching socks are on the needles right now. 🙂

But wait… I’ve knitted for myself too! One Amanda Hat (free on Ravelry)…

Top view (cut off because my screen on my camera is broken and every photograph is a crap shoot)…

Sexy up-close view…

Sexy “I’ve been knitting in my jammies” photo… Still the Queen of Self Portaits, you see…

And I even designed a scarf to go with it… yup, that’s my own pattern, baby! Again with the crooked pictures…

Yay me! Yay for the scarf, not the cut off photo. 🙂 Guess whose going to be buying a new camera in the new year?

I’ve got more to share but yeah… tired. 🙂

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Where in the world?


Midland, that’s where! 🙂 Why? Training. Three fun-filled days of training and social worky stuff. Yeah, I said social worky, deal with it. 🙂

Knitting? But of course! I brought stuff for making more fish for my boyfriends, stuff for making my mom’s 2nd sock, and stuff for two different scarves. Plus, there’s a LYS less than 30 miles from my hotel that might just need me to visit it. 🙂

For now though, the current project is this:


Remember the Grand Traverse Bay scarf that I started back when the COB went to Traverse City? I ended up frogging it because I hadn’t worked on it forever and couldn’t remember what my pattern was (I was making it up lol). So now it’s a random stitch that I found while looking around online last night.

For now though, it’s time to eat my dinner that FINALLY showed up, and watch Heroes. Mmm!

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Well… we all survived our latest Circle of Brain Knit Weekend in Traverse City. Apparently we’ve all been busy as all get out since the weekend though because it’s been almost a week and none of us have posted about it. See how bad we needed the weekend?!

Sue, Sue’s Mom, Kristi and I loaded up the car on Friday evening and hit the road as soon as humanly possible once I was out of work and had made it across town to Kristi’s digs. I got to love on my boyfriends (both the cute toddler version as well as the furry one) which was just lovely since I hadn’t seen them in AGES. Gerrit even made faces at me from the upstairs window while I was walking up to the house. 🙂 *gush gush*

On the way up knitting, gossiping, and iPod listening was had. We giggled a lot, stopped for slurpee-like drinks in Alma, and basically had a lovely drive until we hit a big storm just outside of Traverse City. Finding Sue’s Aunt’s house was a little “interesting” due to the fact we could barely see in the rain, it was darker than crap, and we’d come into town on a totally different road than what was on our directions. LOL But after a phone call (thank goodness for cell phones) with Aunt Janet during which I laughed like a maniac from the back seat listening to, we got to the house in time to get completely drenched with rain while unloading the car. Like, so wet we had to change our clothes when we got inside. Craziness.

The rest of the evening was spent knitting some more, watching the TC news (seriously funny shit there, let me tell ya), and just relaxing. Finally we all stumbled to our couches/beds for the night and passed out. 🙂

Saturday morning we woke up to Marcia calling us from the road. She called to let us know she was on the way up and so we all got purty then headed into town to meet Miss Marcia. Getting into the city was much easier than finding the house had been and within a few minutes we were in downtown TC where the wind was blowing at about 62 miles an hour, but it was still beautiful. 🙂

We parked and because Saturday was the end of Earth Week we got two free trees to plant which was very cool. 🙂 Then off to Horizon Books we went to get coffee and meet up with Marcia. At Cuppa Joe we sat and enjoyed bagels and coffee while knitting and enjoying the people watching. Eventually we walked down to the LYS Lost Art where we encountered Rude Woman and blew her additude off as much as possible. From there we walked to Dish Cafe to have lunch and knit for a few more hours. Once we were done there we went to the bead shop (I forgot the name… whoops) where we were basically like 12 year old boys giggling over the word “hole” and beads that looked like um… body parts. LOL

We eventually ended back up at the bookstore to meet up with Sue (she’d left us while we were obsessing about the holes in the bead shop). Then off to Tom’s Market we went to get food and booze for the night.

FYI… the Tom’s Market right by the bay in TC won’t let you take the shopping carts into the parking lot. LMFAO. Yeah I did a wheelie with the cart to get it down into the parking lot and this little Troll popped out of his Troll Door and was like “You can’t do that, Miss!”

I said, “What are we supposed to do?”

He says, “Carry the bags.”

I didn’t swear but I almost did. hehe I believe I said, “Oh for crying out loud, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of…” Marcia did call him a Troll though (I dunno if he heard it or if he’d gone back into his Troll Door) which made me laugh like a moron.

Back at Casa De’ Aunt Janet we hung out with Baylee my newest furry boyfriend while making pizza, drinking, and of course more knitting!! 🙂 We have an official COB Adult Beverage thanks to Marcia, and thanks to Sue Ravyn’s Bollero has the stitches picked up and is nearing completion.

Our COB KAL however caused a whole lot of drama during the weekend. Kristi frogged and restarted hers about twenty times in three days while I decided to give it up all together and create my own. LOL Originally we were working on the Montego Bay Scarf by Amy Singer because Marcia has one and it’s beautiful. Sue’s already made about sixteen of them in two days (okay yeah, not really but she’s whipping those puppies out pretty quick and they’re beautiful!). I on the other hand decided to design a Grand Traverse Bay Scarf which basically has less thinking involved because I managed to mess the Montego up every time I worked on it.

Sunday we hit the bookstore and Cuppa Joe’s again plus went to a store called Momentum to buy more stuff. I got a cushy soft “Up North Michigan” sweatshirt. After that we went to Mabel’s for brunch with Aunt Janet and Sue’s Mom before finally hitting the road once again to come home.

The weekend went way too fast but much fun was had and we’re already looking forward to the next time we can have a COB meeting. 🙂

And now… pictures. 🙂

Cool wind thingy…

Traverse City… wee!

Mmm… coffee!

Kristi and her Kaffe Fassett.

Cool light at the Dish Cafe.

Artsy Fartsy…

The traditional foot picture… Dish Cafe.

And another in the car…

Kaffe Fasset… almost done…

All left to do is Kitchner!

New Stash… gunna make me some Worsted Weight socks.

Baylee butt.

Baylee face… isn’t he cute?

Sue’s Magical Glowing Booze

Marcia and he window twin.

I want to live here…

Rock Star Marcia.

Kristi with her Montego in the car.


Fire Damage on I-75


My Grand Traverse Bay…

Our trees… 🙂

And quotes… 🙂
“The boat is not a navigational hazzard.”

“He’s GWC… Goofy Without Cause.”

Kristi, 2pm: “I’m really excited about this whole Montego Bay experience…”

Rude Lady at LYS to Sue about Worsted Weight yarn: “You know those will be really thick socks, right? Like you won’t be able to wear them with shoes…”

Rude Lady at LYS to Kristi about her yarn: “You know you’ll have to wind that into a ball, right?”

Krisit: “I feel like we just ate… I’m not going to eat… I’m going to get some soup…”

Marcia: “I think we should go back to the yarn shop and thank the lady for enlightening us about winding the yarn into a ball before using it…”

Marcia: “I liked how he came out of his little Troll Door to yell at us…”

Kristi, 7:41pm: “This scarf is my fucking demise!”

Kristi, 7:55 pm: “Look at my Montego Bay… I’m in love with it!”
Marcia: “I wonder how long that’ll last…”
Kristi: “Not long…”

Kristi, 8:30: “Look…” (as she frogged the whole thing again)

I’m sure there were more quotes but once I started drinking I forgot to write stuff down. hehe 🙂 For now though, I’m off to finish watching Grey’s and get some knitting done during Lost. 🙂

Oh and Happiness of the Day… My Florida flights are booked, baby! Whoot! 2 months and 5 days. Wee!

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Mom’s birthday was last week and I actually managed to finish knitted gifts for her on time. *shocked face*

A new hat…
Beau in Eskimo

… and a new scarf…
Warm Neck

… to go with previously made hand warmers. 🙂
Warm Hands


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I had a perfectly good (and almost finished) post written up and then my computer decided to freeze up. *kicks it* About a week ago I got this message from Dell saying that I needed to install their support center thingy and ever since I did, I’ve had nothing but trouble… ironic, eh? Anyway, let’s see if I can remember what the hell I said the first time around. 🙂

First of all… how many of you get the Lion Brand newsletter and cracked up over this one?


Bwahaha… seriously? Um yeah… okay, no. Geesh…

I survived my first Black Friday (and Saturday) as a retail worker. 🙂 The shop was uber busy yesterday until about 4:00 and then it was pretty slow, but the sales were quite impressive for the day if you ask me. 🙂 Later in the evening a familiar face came into the shop though quickly followed by the question, “Are we allowed to hug the employees?!” Yes, Miss Kelli aka Knitterbunny was in town to judge a bunny thing this weekend and stopped by to say hi and dig through our yarn at the shop. So I got not one but two Kelli Hugs and that totally made the day!

I did however go home with a wicked migrane last night which didn’t taper off until about 10 this morning, but luckilly I didn’t work today until 1:00 so I was able to get a little bit of painless sleep before I had to be back at work. I reallllly need a massage now though… Today we were pretty darn busy again but it wasn’t quite as crazy as yesterday. I also spent a great deal of time setting up the display for the new Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarn which is just purrrrty. 🙂 You can see the colors over at Purl Soho.com, but ours is cheaper so buy it from us instead. 🙂

I don’t really have any knitting content pictures to share, but I can share some stash stuff. 🙂 Last Wednesday I bought myself a treat. I’m now the proud owner of Fergie the Frog. It’s a handy little trinket holder for stitch markers, mini scissors, and other stuff needed while knitting. I wouldn’t have normally spent that much on something to hold stuff in, but I’m a frog lover and well… how could I resist? Plus it’ll be nice because for a while Devin won’t be able to figure out how to get the zipper open and therefore won’t be able to dump my stuff all over the floor. hehe… This picture doesn’t do the color justice, btw.


This lovely yarn is Autunno by Di.ve and it’s all for me. 🙂 I decided I needed a new scarf and perhaps some matching wrist warmers so last week after molesting this yarn I got it.


As for stuff I don’t have pictures of… I bought some Jitterbug (my first ever purchase of the stuff! *gasp*), it’s not for me though… it’ll soon be a pair of Christmas socks for someone special. 🙂 I also bought my first Alpaca… also not for me though. LOL I’m making the Maple Shawl out of a strand of Drops Alpaca held with a strand of Drops Cotton Viscose… should be lovely. Seems like there was something else, but I can’t think of it right now. 🙂 Oh wait, I remember… I bought The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns after Suann told me that it was a good one that I needed. We didn’t have it at the shop (we do now though) so I found a used one on Amazon (oh how I love used books!) and it arrived in the mail today. 🙂

Oh and check this out… 🙂 About a month into working at the shop I made myself a Ghetto name tag because I didn’t have a real one. I ganked a name tag that belonged to an ex-employee and covered her name with mine. But my darling Matt finally decided today that I needed a non ghetto one. 🙂

Ghetto Fabulous…

Ghetto Fab...



Thanks, Matt!

Thanksgiving came and went without any major family drama so that was lovely. 🙂 Ravyn and Wesley decorated the dinner table for us this year and made personalized name cards. 🙂 Wesley made mine…


But his was the best of all of them… hehe…


More pictures will be in my photo blog later tonight for your viewing pleasure after I have the chance to upload them. 🙂

And on that note, I’m outta here! I might do some charity knitting with Sarah and the other Guild Girls tomorrow, but that depends on the status of my poor neck and back tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Knitting!

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FO: Scarf & Hat O’Pinkness

I’ve got finished knitting objects to share, people! 🙂 Ravyn’s Scarf O’ Pinkness and Hat O’ Pinkness are both finished and were worn to dinner tonight. 🙂

My pink girl.

What you can’t see is that she has on pink pants too and I’m pretty sure her socks were pink as well. And her new coat is actually black, but it has a pink/white stripe down each arm and the inside is a bright pink furry-like lining (almost like the darker pink in the scarf but a little brighter). Yeah, she likes pink a little bit. 🙂 Oh and she was in the middle of playing beauty shop with Rosie when I stopped her to take this picture… she doesn’t normally have make up on although she’d like to. 🙂

I even put a flower on it which she wore in the back but it looks cute anywhere. 🙂

So crafty

Devin tried it on as well. 🙂

I tried to get Wesley to put it on but he’s against all things pink right about now. hehe…

Cute though, huh? The hat isn’t as big as I would have liked it to be, but that was all of the yarn I had… see what I had left?

That's all she wrote

And… the socks are still in progress. I’d wanted to go to Wednesday Knitting yesterday and get some quality time in with the socks instead of just fifteen minute breaks at work, but I ended up hanging out with my mom and Devin all afternoon so it didn’t happen. Oh well. I showed them to the person who is paying me to make them for her and she was very happy with what I’ve done so far. Yay!


Tis all for now… Knitting Celebs in the shop tomorrow and Saturday… wee! 🙂

I forgot a picture… 🙂 Devin likes the scarf too. 🙂

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