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One more…

I forgot, I made a watch this week. 🙂 I had a beaded watch that I loved but never couldn’t wear every day since it had green in the beads. So I re-did it using beads that can be worn daily.

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And a froggie charm that hangs down. 🙂
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Needful and half off

WordPress isn’t delivering my comments for some reason. I haven’t been ignoring you, I just didn’t know I had any comments!

Thanks a bunch for all of the congrats on getting a job. I’m loving working at ThreadBear and being around all of The Pretty is soooo much fun (but also a bit of torture because I want SO much of it!). Yesterday while straightening up shelves I came across a sale sign. “Needful Kelly 50% off” Needful being the brand and Kelly being the type of course, but I had to laugh. Not only am I needful but I’m half off too?! Hehe… at least Kelly was spelled wrong, so I can’t take total offense to the sign. ;o) If it had been Needful Kellie, then I’d have to whine about the sign. hehe..

I did however score some yarn for less than 4 bucks thanks to a 70% off markdown.

Gotta have pink

That will soon become a scarf and whatever for my Ravyn. Blogless Emily knit up a scarf in this stuff last week that looked so fabulous. It’s kinda fugly just in the ball, but knit up, it’s uber cool. 🙂

I haven’t done any major knitting this week since Wednesday but I’ve seriously got a knitting itch. I’ve been so freaking tired every night though that I haven’t been able to focus on knitting. My tendonitis-ridden hands, wrists, and arms are also slowly getting used to working retail too, so for a lot of the week I have been letting my hands rest once I get home so not to utterly piss them off.

Remember the yarn I mentioned winning the other day? It came in the mail today. What a happy surprise to get as I left the house to go to work! 🙂

Skittles by Hockeymom

Thanks again Sandi! It’s beautiful! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. 🙂 280 yards of licorice twist 100% merino yarn hand dyed. Any suggestions on what I should make with it?

One week until Knitterpalooza! I don’t know yet if I’m working that day or not, but either way I look forward to meeting so many knit bloggers! 🙂

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