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Extreme cuteness

Okay, I don’t have a little girl to make this for but oh. my. goodness is it ever cute!

Follow the link.

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Anyone have a favorite pattern for kid socks? I want to make them for an almost one year old, an almost five year old, and an almost eight year old. hehe. 🙂 Nothing fancy schmancy, just basic socks only smaller. 🙂 I prefer the free version of pattern as well, but I’m open to pay ones IF they’re proven to be fabulous. 😀

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So close, yet so far away

I’ve decided that since WordPress sort of sucks when it comes to comment replies, I’m going to just reply to comments in my comments. Okay that probably made no sense. Let me start over… if you leave a comment then instead of me replying by e-mail I’ll just reply to you by leaving a reply back to you in my comments. Mmmkay? Stupid, yes but it’s the only thing I can think of until WordPress changes it’s comments system. (FYI, over in Livejournal world the blog owner can reply to the comments right there and it’s much easier… I’ve been blogging there for five years so I’m picky). 🙂 So in other words, please if you comment, give me a day or six and then check back for my reply. I’ll heart you for it.

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Three and a half inches to go. :-p

But look at my new precioussssss…

My precious...

Austermann Step in colorway #28. It has Aloe Vera and Jojoba in it. Mmm. It’s brown and green and blue and red. I likey. But I must finish the others first. Yes, yes I must.

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