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Hi ho hi ho…

I had a whole post written up and then my browser decided to be a bitch and die on me. *insert whining* Let’s see if I can remember what the heck I said the first time around. 🙂

So yeah… one of the cool things about working in a yarn store is that in the past when I’d lose the label for my yarn and someone would ask me what yarn I was using I’d say, “I dunno… but I bought it at ThreadBear a year ago…” But now I have access to these handy dandy sample books that show me the name and colorway of the mystery yarn!

So for those of you who have asked me what the yarn is that I’m using on my current socks:

Strapaz Cotton Effekt

…I finally have an answer. 🙂 The above Pretty is Steinbach Wolle’s Strapaz Cotton Effekt Colorway #01. It’s pretty and it’s cotton, wool and polyamide (whatever that is) and I love it. But no, we don’t have it in the shop anymore. We’ve got other’s kind of like it though.

And to answer your next question… no I’m still not done with Sock #2. I’m ready to turn the heel, but alas… the effing pattern is missing! I used Lynn H’s (a ThreadBear regular) toe up sock pattern for the heel of Sock #1 and now I can’t find the pattern to finish this sock. This is, of course the same pattern that I lost the first three pages of… but because I’m in love with the toe up toe found over on Knitty, I didn’t need those pages, but I do need at least the heel pages! I could re-buy the pattern, this I know. I just don’t wanna. So yeah, the sock is on hold until I decide what to do. 🙂

I did cast on for the Heelless Sleeping Socks though to see if it’s going to be a good pattern for Christmas knitting (translation: no fitted socks). I don’t have enough done to even bother taking a picture yet, but once I do I will of course. I’ve got a picture of Ravyn’s scarf though… I ripped it out and started it again in a different pattern which I love (the No-Roll Scarf). It’s actually bigger than this now because I worked on it last night at Shawn’s, but here’s a glimpse.
No Roll Scarf

In other news, I want to create a scarf. Not just any scarf though. See, in 46 days the world will be graced with a new Backstreet Boys cd. I am a Backstreet Whore if you didn’t already know it. And because nearly everything I do seems to merge with knitting now a days, I was thinking “I should make a Backstreet scarf between now and cd release day.” Why? Because I’m a dork. I don’t know what this scarf might consist of, but it’s still a new idea. 🙂 Maybe if I can get Matt to add Backstreet to the playlist for the shop *batts eyelashes and blows kisses* I could be inspired while I’m working. LOL

With that… I’ll sign off for now. I feel like knitting and have rambled enough for now. 🙂

Knitterpalooza this Saturday!

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