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Mini Clap

Remember back when I was making the Clapotis and then ripped it out because I was going to run out of yarn? I started the mini version yesterday. Same yarn, just a skinnier scarf version because let’s face it… I don’t ever, EVER wear shawls. I would have only used the Clap as a scarf, so why bother making the shawl/scarf version when I can just make the scarf version? *nods* So yeah… once it’s a little bigger I’ll take pictures. I’m just finishing up the increase section so there’s nothing major to show yet.

Socks are still coming along just fine but I needed to take a break… the small needles aren’t playing well with my tendonitis and my current pain in my neck that I can’t go to the chiro for until after I get paid.

Tis all for now… I need to go eat some dinner before I head out for my Sunday Night Stitch n’ Bitch.

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