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New Project: Ravyn Scarf

My niece Ravyn needed a new scarf to go with her new coat.  Here it is in progress being modeled by the lovely Oscar. 😉

 Ravyn Scarf and Oscar

It’s being made on 15’s out of Rose Lion Bouche’ with a touch of Maroon Magic Silverlash by Patrons for sparkle.

And because I don’t think I’ve shared a picture of Rave here yet, here she is in all of her glory this past weekend at the Nature Center where we took part in Life-Sized Candyland and Halloween activities. 😀


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I bought a kit at Target a while ago for convertable mittens.  They’re supposed to be two layers, the bottom one being the fingerless part, and then the top layer is a normal mitten that covers everything but the wrist of the bottom layer.  I didn’t bother with the top layer and used my own yarn (Lion Brand Magic Stripes) instead of the stuff that came with the kit… but I finally made some. :o) 

This oh so fabulous picture brought to you by balancing the camera on my boobs with the timer set. :o)

To take a look at what the finished product looks like when you use the kit, check out a picture of it in Brynne’s blog.  Brynne was wonderful enough to send me a copy of the pattern for these mittens because once I got my kit home I found out that the pattern book was missing. :o)  And thanks to her blog, I entered the wonderful world of Knitting Blogs. :o)  They’re cute mittens, but the colors are a little too girly for my taste.  Maybe I’ll make them for my mom though using the colors that came with the kit. :o) 

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A sad day…

Words can’t really express how sad I am right now to have learned about Kristi & Noel’s loss.  I’ve never even met the two of them in person yet and still I have such a great connection through just talking about knitting and babies and living in the Lansing area.  I’ve watched Kristi’s pregnancy progress since she first made the announcement in her blog and now I sit at my desk here at work in tears over the little one we’ll never get to know.  As soon as I read her latest post my day suddenly stopped.  I’m a trained grief counselor and even I have been just floored by the news of Baby B.  I know things like this happen and still, no one wants to think that it will.  I certainly didn’t.  I can’t imagine how hard this must be for Kristi and Noel while trying to grieve and yet stay strong for each other and Baby A & C.

I’ve been touched at how wonderful the knitting community is and how we all seem to take care of each other without a second thought.  I know that knitters all over are sending their best to Kristi and are thinking of her family.  I also know that I’ll be keeping up the hope that Baby A & C make here without any trouble… my heart goes out to them and to all of the wonderful knitters who have shown so much love to Kristi and her family.

 Please keep them in your thoughts and help bring the boys into our world safe and sound.

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Knitting & TV

Last night was beautiful. Can I just say, I love my Shawnie. She’s such a wonderful wife (long story… I call her my wifey but she’s just my best buddy) and I just love her to pieces. :o) I’m going to LOVE having our Wednesday Night Dates because they’re so relaxing! Last night I headed over to her apartment after work with a freshly baked pie in tow (no I didn’t bake it… lol I bought it). She made homemade potato soup for dinner (yum) and we basically sat around all night and watched television and knitted. :o) I finished Devin’s blanket, I still hate it, but it’s done and I’ll give it to him tonight. :op

I also attempted yet again to begin my Day of the Dead project but it just wasn’t being nice to me so I ripped it out again. Damn pattern. I think I’m going to make up my own pattern now just so I can actually get something done by the deadline.

We watched Dancing with the Stars and were happy to finally see Jerry go. We also cracked up because if you ever wondered what my dad looks like, just watch Emmet Smith. My dad is chubbier, but I kept saying, “He looks like my dad!” hehe… he really does. :o) He’s cute and so is my dad, frankly. :o) Our theme of the night other than knitting was “Why do we do this to ourselves?” Watching Lost and The Nine just reinforced that Shawn and I are addicted to a lot of shows that drive us nuts.  Heroes,  Prison Break,  Lost,  The Nine… they’re all shows with a big mystery that we watch and love but also hate because we just want to know what the hell is going on! :o) Love Lost, LOVE it. But damn it all… I want to know what is happening. I wanna know why they’re on the island and what the hell The Others are trying to do, and how they have communication with the rest of the world but are still on the islands, and why The Others are so evil and why Desmond can see the future now and where the hell Rose and her hubby are! :op *sighs* :op

But yeah, last night was muchly needed and we’re scheduled to do it all over again next week! ;o) Ahh the joy of Wednesday class being finished!

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Duh… hats again

I made a post about hat patterns last week and I just realized the link I posted wasn’t good.  I fixed it.  Sorry. 🙂

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12:05 a.m.

Why am I awake after midnight on a work night, you ask? 

 Is it because I’m knitting?  No.

Doing homework? No.

Playing with my blog?  Yes… yes I am. LOL  I’m such a geek sometimes, but yeah… I have a pretty header picture now that I’m very happy with because I made it. 😀 

Now… I really must go to bed.

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Gift List Scarves


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Stupid question

Okay… I’m confused, as usual.  When someone says 2 circulars, do they mean one set or two sets?  Cause I’ve seen patterns where people use two sets of circs (4 needles two cords) but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe people also call a set of circs (2 needles one cord) 2 circs.

 Humor me. 😀

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New pictures of my little Goober-head Devin. :o)  These are from Saturday night.  I’m repeatedly tempted to just steal this child from my sister-in-law and just forever make him my own.  Either that or just eat him up because of the extreme cuteness. :o) He’s three weeks old today… can’t believe it!


In knitting news… I went to Threadbear on Saturday after a horribly long 7 hours on campus in class.  *yawn*  One more Saturday to go though… woo!  I spent waaaay too much money at Threadbear but I got yarn for socks (yay!) and yarn to make my sister a shawl that I promised her back over the summer at some point. :o)  I also got some new circulars that I love and shall be used if I can ever find a circular sock pattern that doesn’t require me to do two socks at a time. Yeah, not so thrilled about that idea… I’ll take one sock at a time puhleese. I know it’s possible because once upon a time I saw a toe up circular method on Knitty.com but can’t for the life of me find it anymore.  But even that was just the toe, not the whole sock.  *le sigh*

 I really should be doing work right now, so yeah… bye. ;o)

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Congrats on 28 weeks, Kristi!

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