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But imagine my joy when I got home from work to find out that the first video from the new Backstreet cd was released TODAY of all days! (See previous post.) Wee!

Gawd I love them.

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I turned my heel. Fudged the pattern by looking at a different one and basically made it work. Looks pretty good too if I say so myself. Thankyouverymuch.

So Rob and I have been conversing via electronic mail and he seems to think that we DO in fact have the colorway that my socks are made out and he thinks it’s in stock. We shall see… oh yes, we shall see. hehe 🙂

In other news… the ideas for the Backstreet Scarf are growing. I asked all of my girls over in livejournal land to lend me ideas which have lead to more ideas and yeah… I’m not totally there yet, but the wheels are turning. And you know what else? Today is my Backstreet anniversary. 🙂 9 years ago today I went to my very first Backstreet concert ever. And the world was never the same. *laughs*

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That’s all… I’m going home now. 🙂

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