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I started working on my cartigan again after many months of hibernation (KPS241) and I was actually making some progress. Then a week ago I lost my pattern. So tonight I was online looking to see if KPS sells PDF files and I came across the erata for my pattern… The freaking thing was wrong from the cast on! Ugh! Might as well just rip the whole thing out now. *le sigh* Freaking hell. Maybe I’ll just make a blanket instead… Anyone want to swap some Cascade SW 220? I could give up 5 skeins in exchange for 5 as long as they go with the blue Quatro (#1929, the dark blue)… Or I could go multi colored and swap out one skein at a time… I wanted to do a rainbow blanket out of the SW Quatro colors… Hmm, make me an offer, we’ll talk!


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