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I figured out why my heel flap was taking forever on my Ravenclaw sock. I read the pattern wrong and was making it twice as long as it should have been. *rolls eyes at self* But, I ripped back *successfully… whew!* and all is fine. I’ve turned the heel and now am working on the foot. Well, not currently because I’m typing, not knitting… but you get the idea. 🙂 I’m thinking about knitting for a while but I haven’t yet made the effort to get up and get my sock from the other room. I really need to go home too… I’ve been at my mom’s house for a few days now. I don’t want to go home, but I should at least to make sure the cats haven’t killed each other. They have plenty of food and water, I have those self feeding things, so I know that they’re okay on that homefront.

Does anyone know of any house flippers in the Lansing/Mid-Michigan area? I need/want to get rid of my house and it would be a perfect flip. As long as I get enough to pay off the mortgage, that’s all I care about.

Anywho… just wanted to report that I figured out the sock problem and it’s all good. I mean really, it gives instructions for two rows and then says to repeat these rows 42 times… I read that as repeat both rows 42 times, not repeat each row 21 times. *shrug* When I get paid for writing a pattern, I’m going to make it idiot proof. 😉

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Mary Kay Calling!

Okay Ladies, I’ve got my Mary Kay website up and running!

If I have your e-mail address you’ll probably be getting an official Mary Kay e-mail from me today announcing that I have my own MK business. If you’re interested in being on my e-mail list for monthly newsletters and such though, please send me your e-mail address (and first and last name too, please) to kelliej [at] marykay [dot] com.

I’m still working on getting my inventory but please feel free to look around the website and check out all of the great stuff offered! Once I have my inventory I’ll make another post to let you know, but if there’s something you know you want right away, let me know and I can get it from one of my team members!


Once things are rolling I’ll also be doing product features and specials in my blog, so look for those as well! 🙂

Happy Shopping!

P.S. If you’re not local to the Lansing area I’ll gladly ship products to you or get you set up with a MK consultant in your area, just let me know. 🙂

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Sock pains

So I’ve got those stupid little gaps in my sock where the fabric switches from one dpn to the next. They’re driving me crazy!!

Why does this happen? And is there a way to stop it? I try to make the stitches between dpns tighter to avoid this, and maybe it’s working in some sections, but not all. I really didn’t enjoy knitting on two circulars all that much, but I bet this doesn’t happen when using that process, huh? Blogless Jean was knitting one sock on one circular though when we went to see the Harlot… perhaps that’s my next method to try? Because really… these gaps aren’t cute. I wonder though, will they get better once washed? Or are they doomed? Because this is my HP Sock Swap sock and I don’t want to send a defective sock to a pal ya know?

Anywho… here’s the progress so far. I’m still on the heel flap and it’s forever long. I like the way the heel looks, but geesh… I don’t recall my toe up socks ever taking so freaking long to turn the heel. And, it looks funny, but I was happy to see that Rob has a sock on his blog that looks like mine, so this gives me faith that I didn’t do something wrong. 🙂

I’m using the Simply Splendid Socks pattern by Lucy Neatby from her book Cool Socks Warm Feet.

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And she beads too…

I’ve been in the mood to bead again (I used to do it a long time ago but hadn’t done it in a while) so for Mother’s Day I made bracelets and earrings:


Green Mix



They’re all about the same design because I’d planned on giving them to several people but in different colors, but then I changed my mind and gave them all to my mom. hehe

Then last week I made a magic wire bracelet for myself which works as a bracelet or anklet…
My Magic Wire bracelet

And I just made one for my buddie Shawn because today is her birthday…

Shawn's Magic Wire bracelet

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Yesterday I got a wonnnnnderful surprise in the mail. Imagine my glee to get not only fun mail but mail all the way from Singapore! At first I was a little worried because my package was in this nifty plastic bag from the Singapore Post claiming that my package had been damaged…
Rut ro!

But… there was just a slight hole in the top of the package though so I think I ended up with everything still in there. My goodies:

I got a pair of socks (duh, it was a sock swap LOL), a beret, stitch markers, Brittany dpn’s, straights with Wizard Hat toppers, Tea (which matches my house colors! Too cute), Mini Tarot Cards, really cool swirly hair thingies, two hair clips, and a bracelet in my house colors with cat beads. 🙂

And just to prove that Oscar was there looking on as I opened my package…
Oscar loves knitting too

A close up of my knitting needles with Wizard Hat toppers…
So cute!

The socks are reversible… how cool!

And check this out…
Ooh la la!

Can you guess which Hogwarts house I’m in? 🙂 I LOVE all of my stuff! It’s so cool! Despite the fact that I’ve been knitting for several years, I’ve never actually received a knitted gift before, let alone two made just for me all the way from Singapore! I’m sooo glad I joined this Sock Swap. Thank you SO much Chrissie!

I’m still working on my first sock for my pal… LOL but it’s coming along nicely. See? I worked on it on the way to Cedar Point last week. 🙂 I’m on the heel right now (I worked on them last night so this picture is slighly out of date, but it’s close!)
Knitting in the car

And… I made my pal her stich markers too last week. Aren’t they cute? I really want to keep them. LOL 🙂
Ravenclaw stitch markers

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This post most likely won’t be too long… I ‘ve been up way too long on way too little sleep and have to be up before 8 to get the Ravyn-nator to school. BUT… I wanted to make a post because I had a lovely day of knitting today thanks to the gift certificate that Pat gifted to me when we went to see the Yarn Harlot. (Thank you sooooo much again, Pat!)

Today I attended the “Seeing Double Clearly” workshop by Lucy Neatby thrown by ThreadBear and hosted at a fabulous studio in Old Town. For those of you who don’t know who Lucy is, I admit I had no idea even though I’d seen her book before, she’s a WAY cool gal who used to be in the British Navy but now is self employed with her knitting stuff. She’s got the most wonderful accent (I fought all day long not to start talking like her and embarrass myself… I’m an accent sponge!), and has blue and purple hair, a furry purse shaped like a rooster, and this morning she had two different color boots on which were the coolest effing boots I’ve seen… I meant to ask her if they were bought like that or she had to buy two pair and switch them up. 🙂 She lives in Nova Scotia now and apparently comes into town once a year or so to teach classes for the boys at TB.

So I rolled out of bed after sleeping horribly and managed to get to Beaner’s for coffee and a muffin without being late to the class. Yay me! I was about to turn down Turner St. when I saw Rob standing on the corner knitting a sock. LMFAO… I giggled and then turned toward him in the public lot where he gave me a parking pass and I parked my little car. I then walked the short walk to the studio and sat down ready to learn how to do Double Knitting.

Six hours later, plus lunch, lots of giggles, many mistakes, several WTF? moments and one purchased sock book later… I think I might actually know how to double knit. 🙂 It’s a weird method, but very cool too… I think I’m going to be making myself a handy little felted purse thingy using the double knit method. 🙂

I got to sit next to Matt all day and that was lovely. We shared some giggles and a few moments of *whisper* “What were we supposed to do next?” hehe…

Lucy’s accent has a way of making just about anything sound cooler than hell, but I wrote down a few quotes because they would have made great blog titles and or book/short story titles. My favorites:
When Double Knitting Goes Bad
The Accidental Purl
Squishy Bottoms
Puffy Bottoms
Seal Up Your Family Jewels

hehe… 🙂

And finally… pictures…

A new button for my Kermie bag
A new button for my Kermie bag

Lucy explains the quilting method of Double Knitting

By george it’s working!
I did it!

Aww… aren’t we cute?
Lucy and Me

I missed my TB ladies today! Hope to see you all next week though!

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