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Let it snow…

Due to an unfortunate accident in which my beloved camera decided to kiss the cement floor at a local Taco Bell, I have no knitting pictures. The camera still works, but the screen is trashed and because my camera doesn’t have one of those old-fashioned hole thingies to look through like all of my cameras of the past did, it’s sort of hard to figure out what I’m taking pictures of. And then I can’t review the pictures until I take the memory card out of the camera and put it into my computer. Oh technology, how you frustrate me! *giggle*

So let’s see… I finished the scarf that I posted about when I was in Midland for training session #1. Training session #3 is in just about two weeks and then I’m free to spread my social workiness all around Ingham county without as much supervision. hehe. I’ve got two cases going right now which are going well but there are three of us doing the case together which means that it’s not nearly as hard as it’ll be when I’m on my own. I know I haven’t really posted here what my job is though so you’re probably thinking, “What the hell is she talking about?” I’m a case worker for a program that does intensive home-based work with people who are in serious risk of losing their children to foster care. We go in for 28 days (at least 10 hours a week, usually more) and teach them parenting skills and other shiz to try and help improve the situation enough so that CPS won’t yank the kid(s) at the end of the intervention. Hard work, but good work. 🙂 I’ve never in my life worked with a bunch of people who are so in sync with the way I think, it’s pretty damn cool. Although I had to miss the Woven Art Book Club and Lynn’s Birthday Gala this month because of work, and I’m going to have to miss the Guild meeting this week for the same reason (we’re on call 24/7 with this job so when a situation comes up we’ve gotta deal with it no matter when it is). For some reason the universe just doesn’t want me to go to Guild and Book Club. 😉 Oh well… maybe next time around.

In other knitting news, I bought the new Mason Dixon book. Love it. Need to find a little girl to make the Emma Peel dress for. I started a scarf out of the Alp Oriental that I had in my stash and although it’s probably 80% finished, I’m not loving it. I think I may have to frog it and pick a different design and perhaps smaller needles. I’ve stalled at sock #1 of my mom’s Shibui socks because I can’t find the skein of yarn that I need to use for the heel, toe and cuff. LOL It’s somewhere in my house, I’m sure. I also haven’t done much on the sock blanket because I’m still debating on how I should go about it… some of my Monday Night Knitter Girls are thinking about doing a yarn swap for the blankets so maybe that’ll help me decide. I did have a pretty good idea for a chirstmas gift for my sister though, so I think that maybe today or tomorrow I might just cast on for that. And if it turns out the way I hope it does, then I’ll be making one (or twelve) for myself too. 🙂

Oh and remember the socks I made for Wessels? He had to have minor surgery last month and he insisted on wearing his Aunt Kellie Socks. He also insisted on not wearing the hospital gown so he went off to surgery in his Aunt Kellie Socks and his Underoos. hehe… He’s so darn cute.

I’ve not seen my COB ladies in FOREVER… *le sigh* They don’t write or call anymore… *sniff* I miss you guys.

In movie news, I’ve seen High School Musical 3… loved it. Beverly Hills Chihuahua… very cute. The new James Bond flick… hot, hot, hot. And I’ve got my 12:01 a.m. tickets to see Twilight on Friday morning as well as plans to see it on Friday evening as well as Sunday. Whoot! :o) Crazy? Who me? Yup. 🙂

In sad news, my grandpa’s cat Bo had to be put to sleep shortly after I started my new job. His tumor started to grow again and he just wasn’t a happy kitty. Now my Oscar is living with my grandpa and all though I miss him, Kira is very happy to be the House Diva once again now that she’s the only cat in my home. 🙂 Oscar’s doing well though, he’s enjoying being the King of Grandpa’s Apartment, and I try to get over to visit once a week or so. 🙂

I should go… I’ve got a hot theater date tonight with a thirteen year old who is now over six feet all *le sigh* as well as the oldest two children of our older brother. 🙂 We’re going to see the “World’s Greatest Magic Show” at Wharton… should be fun. I must go make myself presentable for being in public. hehe.

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