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I finally made it back to The Shop yesterday to knit. As soon as I walked in the door I both remembered why I’ve missed being there so much, as well as why I haven’t been going there so much. It’s hard to say at this point which of the two is going to win and to be totally honest… that really sucks.

Knit Night at Shawn’s was lovely though and I got to the heel flap of my second sock. Woo! Oh and Blogless Emily let me borrow her copy of this month’s Book Club book (“The Knitting Circle” by Ann Hood) so I can read it really fast before Sunday. Thanks, Blogless Emily! 🙂

6 <– That’s a message from Devin. hehe

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Knitting with Leroy

Kristi and I got together last night to knit. Lots of talking, wine drinking and giggling was done with a little bit of knitting on the side. 🙂 It was lovely though and I had a great time. Kristi swatched, and swatched and swatched and swatched… with some beauuuutiful yarn she recently acquired thanks to the boys at ThreadBear. I seriously want that yarn. I don’t know what I’d make with it, but oh it’s pretty.

I on the other hand worked on a swatch of my own. I started a feather and fan pattern the other night while discovering the joy of Audio Books, and after a few rows switched to larger needles to see which I liked better. I like the tiny needles, but can’t see myself ever, ever, EVER finishing a scarf with such tiny needles. So I think I’m going to start the whole thing over on the larger needles and go with it. I’m using yarn that I frogged… Remember this sock?

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I frogged it and am going to make the lacey scarf out of it. 🙂 I’m actually quite proud of this pattern… I’ve never done anything that resembles lace and this is a great pattern to begin with. Of four rows, only one is tricky and it’s easy enough to memorize so that carrying the pattern around isn’t manditory.

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Even with the traveling stitch marker from hell, I’ve managed not to totally screw the pattern up. 🙂 Yeah, I had a whole post about the wrong way to make stitch markers if you plan on selling them to the public written in my head, but I’ll be nice and just keep my mouth shut and never buy stitch markers from this person again. *nods* I mean come ON… my stitch marker traveled SEVEN stitches because of the cheap ass jump ring that the maker used that kept slipping open and sliding along my stitches without me realizing it. Not cool.

Oh and Kristi, here’s the link to the yarn… FlockSock Yarn by VanCalcar at Woolgirl. I have it in green and white too. It’s heavenly soft. 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon 4ply blend – Fingering weight. 400 yards.

No knitting has been accomplished since then because I was on Kid Duty today. But now that I’m free… I think I might shut this laptop down and move to a cooler location and knit away. 🙂

Before I go though… I was tagged as a: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket by Sharon who then scolded me in the same sentence… but I’ll take the nomination anyway… 😉

I’m supposed to nominate other people now too, huh? Hmm… so many of my regular peeps have already been nominated so let me get creative. You’re nominated if you fit the following criteria:
1. You’re single.
2. You leave mistakes in your knitting because it gives them character.
3. You prefer free patterns over buying patterns.
4. You don’t typically swatch anything because you’d rather just start knitting.
5. You’re not a yarn snob (yet), but you don’t buy Red Heart because you do have SOME standards.

Hehe… if that’s you, let me know then put that button in your blog!

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Pattern request

Does anyone have the Heelless Sleeping Socks pattern from Nancy Somebody’s Sumthin’-sumthin’ Vintage Socks book? LOL No that’s not the name of the book, but it’s the name of the socks. I like the look of them and want to make them but don’t want to buy another pattern book just for one effing sock pattern (nor do I have the money to do so).

Anyone? Anyone?

I’d gladly swap the pattern for one that I have in a book. I have the following books:
Esquisite Little Knits
Mason Dixon Knitting
Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks, Warm Feet
Stitch N Bitch

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A Knitter’s Best Friend

Last night I discovered my new best friend. Audio Books. I’d never listened to an Audio Book before but I found out that through the CADL I can check out Audio Books and eBooks so I gave it a try. I checked out Book One of the Gossip Girl series and was able to sit in bed knitting while listening to a book. Fabulous! It’s a cute book, and I’ve got Book Two on hold. It was a short book, only two hours, but how wonderful to combine two of my loves? Knitting and Reading. Whoo! Of course, all I have from my two hours of knitting last night is a frogged project, but I feel the potential of “reading” while knitting. 🙂 I’ve got 8 hours of Laurell K. Hamilton ahead of me for future knitting and several other books on hold. Yay for multi-tasking that doesn’t involve trying to hold a book open while knitting. hehe…

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Remember this from last winter? The fingerless glove that never got a mate?
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Off to the frog pond it went and now, it’s a nearly finished sock. :o)
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I’m quite in love with the stripes on the heel…
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That is all… back to your regularly scheduled stuff. 🙂

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“All new!”

We all know I’m a weird cookie… it’s just common knowledge. But I’ve been sitting here at my mother’s house watching TNT with her for the past few hours (because that is pretty much the only channel she ever watches. Ever.) and something’s bugging me. It’s the phrase “all new.” As in “You’re watching an all new Heartland. Next week an all new Heartland. Coming up next an all new Closer followed by an all new Saving Grace.”

All new, as opposed to a half new episode or a quarter new episode? Cause yeah, we sure get a lot of those. *rolls eyes* Of course it’s new, but all new? Geesh!

Like I said, I’m a strange cookie.

I’m a strange cookie who knits but unfortunately has a dead camera battery and a lost charger so no pictures to share. I finished a strap for my felted bag I posted about last night. Haven’t attached it yet, but I might do it tonight. I’ve also made it to the leg of my current sock. For some weird reason I chose to do a ribbed leg… so much slower than just a plain leg. But, it’s pretty.

Other than that, I haven’t really been doing much else craft-wise. No jewlery, no stitch markers, and no other knitting. Just my sock and my bag. I still want to do a sweater and even have a pattern but haven’t the cash to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn, so it’ll wait for now.

Oh… I read a somewhat knitting related book last week. “Knitting Under the Influence.” It’s a cute book. The knitting content isn’t huge, but so what, it’s a novel and it’s not about knitting, it’s about three women who are friends and they all knit. 🙂 I liked it. I’ve seen a lot of people complain that there’s not enough knitting in the book but what I think is this… if you want a book with a bunch of knitting content in it, read a pattern book. It’s not like when I go to knit with friends that alllll we talk about is knitting, so why should a book about knitting friends be allll about knitting? *nods* Exactly. 🙂

Anywho… happy knitting to all of you. I’m off.

Checkout my reading list on Goodreads – where you can see what your friends are reading.

Add me to your friends!! 🙂


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