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Eye Candy

Devin decided he wanted to do a video blog today. 😀

The waving bye-bye at the end was a total fluke by the way… hehe But it makes him look uber smart, huh? 😉

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my daily blog is wher I do most of my updates. The latest pictures of The Ugly (aka my burn) are over there. In short, things are going okay. I’d planned on cutting out the Vicodin today but it was a no go when I realized just how much pain I’m actually still in without the steady stream of drugs. I’m going on 5 days now and the burn is still warm to the touch. So… for now I’m still popping pills every six hours. As long as I’m medicated the pain isn’t too bad. I can type again and I even knitted a few rows of my Clapotis yesterday so yay for that! I’ll be at the LYS on Wednesday with the Ladies again this week as long as I’m not taking a Vicodin Nap. 😀

Oh and Ele’s Place is covering my ER bill, thank goodness. Apparently their insurance will cover me since this happened while I was volunteering/interning for them. That made me very happy to hear. 🙂

Thanks a bunch for the well wishes! 🙂 You guys are the best!

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Interning is Dangerous

Optional Post Titles:
I Fought the Coffee and the Coffee Won
Hurts Like a Motherfucker
This is Going to Get In The Way of My Knitting
Looks Like I Won’t Be Typing for a Few Days
One Handed Typing

So… I interned today. I spent 4 hours in the office being a paper slave in between trips to the bathroom to blow my nose. I then took an hour break for lunch and Starbucks and met Pat at the Park & Ride out by my old job in Okemos. We drove to Ann Arbor where there was Facilitator Training for the new Ann Arbor Ele’s was taking place. We were in the kitchen setting up for dinner and crap and Jeanne was making coffee. A woman came into the kitchen to see if the decaf was ready yet and it was. So I put the top on the caraffe/thermos thingy and went to move it to the table with the food on it. Somehow, the pump handle to make the coffee come out got pushed and veeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hot verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fresh industrial temp coffee streamed directly on my left hand and down my leg. My leg is fine thanks to my pants, but I now have a massive burn on my hand. I had it iced all night and when I got back into town at 10 I came over to my mom’s. By then it had swollen up and looked bad, so off to the E.R. we went.

They’re calling it a deep 2nd degree burn. I have some sort of burn cream on it that has numbing shit in it (that isn’t working), I have 800 mg of Motrin in me (that isn’t working) and I just took a Vicodin (that isn’t working yet). Basically it feel like my hand is on fire, it’s real nice. But… with my Rx’s for major motrin and vicodin, it means I don’t have to go in to Ele’s tomorrow (today) because I can’t drive. Yay! So yeah… I’m gunna go e-mail Pat and tell her what the deal is and ask about if the Ele’s insurance is going to cover this shiz. Since yeah, unemployed, no paycheck, no insurance… greaaat. Hell in order for me to even get my Aflac payout for my ER trip I have to pay them first since I haven’t been able to pay my fees since I got laid off thanks to having no unemployment checks…

Maybe once the drugs work I’ll be able to tolerate one handed typing to make posts in my other blog but if I’m MIA for a few days, you’ll know why. And if this bastard blisters up you know I’m taking some nasty ass pictures to blog… lol


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FO: stitch markers


They’re not fabulous because I really don’t like the wire I got, so they’re kinda sloppy, but they’re prettier than the old ones!



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Rainy Days

Ghetto fab...

I had to take Ravyn to school this morning (before it began raining, thankfully because one of my wipers went all ghetto on me…) and then went over to Michaels to satisfy a craft need. Have you ever been to Michaels right after 9:00 when they open? It’s soooo quiet and no one is there, it’s fabulous! Sure, I spent more money than I’d planned on, but I couldn’t help it… Or that’s at least the story I’m sticking to. 😀

I “needed” a memory book to scrap my Daytona pictures in, then of course I had to get cute stickers and rub ons to go with them… and a new glue stick.

They had Tropical Frogs!!! YAY!
Hehe… that’s Kira off to the right looking on. 😀

Then I needed some eye pins so that I can make some stitch markers. I’ve got a bazillion beads around here that could easily be put together to make some lovely stitch markers, but for some reason I can’t find my eye pins so I couldn’t do it.

Bead Stash patiently waiting to play.

But now I have them, as well as some new charms that I adore… they say things like Love, Live, Trust, Laugh, Create, Believe, Inspire and Imagine… so perfect!


After Michaels I hit Panera for a bagel (which is currently calling my name from the couch cushion beside me) and an IC Mango to soothe my throat. Mmm…

IC Mango, oh how I love thee...

I actually don’t feel too bad this morning, I just sound horrible because my voice is shot. :p But… I don’t have any homework due until Sunday, so today I’m going to sit here in my jams and craft. 🙂 If I’m not napping in the afternoon I might go over to knit with the Ladies, followed by dinner with the Fam, then more knitting and TV watching with my Shawnie. 🙂 Sounds like a freaking perfect day to me! I really need to find an independently wealthy man who will knock me up and let me stay home so I can have days like this more often. hehe…

Happy Hump Day!

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The only good thing a bout having the cold from hell is being able to knit. Actually, for most of the cold I’ve been passed out in bed, but today I was actually feeling human-like again and so I got out the Clap and worked on it. I went over to my mother’s house Monday night since it was her birthday and we watched tv, had pizza and cake, and then when she fell asleep on the couch I worked on the Clap. I ended up crashing at her house for the night since I was too tired to drive home and then I spent the whole day with her today (Tuesday even though this will post on Tuesday technically). I’ve managed to get through my first drop stitch row of the Clap and I’m so excited because it worked! I was seriously going to cry if after all of those increase rows it didn’t work out. Hopefully the other drop stitch rows will work too. Pictures soon, but I’m too lazy to get up and go all the way across the room to get my knitting. hehe… When I get up, I’m going to bed! 😀

As long as I can breathe tomorrow and I’m not coughing all over the place I plan on going to knit with the Ladies at TB. Don’t want to spread my germs, but I think I’m finally getting better. It’s been a week and I’m not miserable anymore and I’m also not sleeping 23 hours a day anymore so that’s a good sign. 🙂

For now… I need to go to bed so I can be the Good Aunt and get up to take my Ravyn to school in the morning. 🙂


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I’ve been back home in Michigan for a couple days now and I already want to go back to Florida. But I want to take all of the people I love with me so that I don’t miss them. 🙂 Florida was simply beautiful… Just great. I got a tan, I lounged by the pool, I walked along the beach, and even got some knitting in. Just a lovely week. You can see pictures in my other blog. Then I came home Friday afternoon only to turn around on Saturday to leave town again to see Pink and Justin Timberlake in concert at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. That too was fabulous and I had a blast.

I haven’t knit in a few days and I’m itching to work on something soon but of course Spring Break is officially over so I really should make sure I’m working on homework before I work on knitting. :p Still working on the Clap and it’s going well. The increase rows are freaking torture and take much too long, but I’m still trucking along. I’m sure I’ve screwed up several times, but it still looks okay so apparently the screw ups aren’t too bad. 😀

Clap... still increasing.

My SIL gave me some yarn this afternoon that she’s not using. It’s cheap stuff but pretty and like I told her, “I’m not a yarn snob yet, so it’ll do.” 🙂

I still haven’t done the second wrist warmer for my mom that I began before vacation because of the needle chewing incident that I posted about. I only have one needle of that particular size so I’ve gotta get a new set before I can finish the pair of wristwarmers.

LOL My Kira just decided to join me by laying across my wrists as I type, so I think that’s my clue that it’s time to stop playing on the computer and snuggle with her instead… poor little monster missed her mama last week! 🙂 She’s being a little more obvious this time getting my attention though… last time she just sat behind my laptop and stared at me. hehe


Happy Knitting!

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