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The Wee Warmers are finally done.

Wee Warmers... done.

They took so long due to sickness, juggling two jobs, angry tendonitis, holidays, and more sickness that I’m not even going to have the chick I made them for pay me, but yeah… they’re darn cute.

Pattern: Wee Warmers by Knitting At Knoon
Yarn: Ornaghi Filati Biberon Baby Wool – 2 balls
Colorway: 601
Needles: US 3 dpns

I was also thinking the other day about something rather random. Remember all my posts about The Ugly from earlier this year? I don’t think I’ve ever really made a post about how it’s healed. :p I’m actually quite amazed at how good it looks. You can barely even tell actually where the burn was unless you’re looking… See?

Not as Ugly

Just a reminder of what it looked like at one point…

The Ugly Revisted

I really thought I’d have a much worse scar than that considering how bad the burn was and how freaking ugly it was… I still avoid the coffee thingies at The Shop though because they’re the same kind that resulted in this burn. LOL I can use them to dispense coffee, but to actually fill and move them freaks me out. Hehe… But yeah, it’s healed rather well. It’s still more sensitive than the rest of my hand, but all in all it’s pretty good. 😉

Anywho… I have some knitting to get to so I’m going to head home. Happy New Year to you all! Be safe!

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Note: because wordpress apparently doesn’t like normal html coding like every OTHER program in the world, this post isn’t going to have pictures in it. But, if you go to my livejournal, you can see this same post as well as a bazillion pictures that go along with it. Sorry, but after coding the lj post I wasn’t about to re-do it just to make wordpress happy. 😦 So when you get to random things in this post that don’t make sense, it’s probably because there’s a missing picture. :op You can find the post with pictures in my other blog though.

I’m no longer a Yarn Harlot virgin, and I have to say that I simply ADORE being a part of the Knitting Community. For those of you who aren’t knitters, I can’t possibly explain it, but it’s a beautiful place to be and I’m soooo happy that Norma taught me to knit.

Yesterday began with me leaving the house by 10 with a bag full of knitting. I made a quick stop at QD for a bottle of Dasani and a coffee. The coffee turned out to taste like ass, but the water was much appreciated later on. :op I drove out to Kristi’s house to meet the Ladies by 10:30. I didn’t get to see the boys *sniff… Kristi we MUST get together so I can see both of the boys in person together sometime!* but shortly after I arrived and met the gals, we hit the road in the Mom Mobile. My fellow roadtrippers were of course Kristi, as well as Other Kelli, Erin, Pat, and Blogless Julee. I’d only met Kristi before so for me to do this was actually quite a feat. *pats self on back* But like I’ve said before, knitters are amazing and wonderful and although I’m sure some of them are scary, I’ve never had to tolerate any really scary knitters yet. :o) Although I did see a few in the audience yesterday that frightened me just a little. :op

We hit the road with personalized breakfast burritos made by Kristi’s hubster Noel (who is an absolute doll, I want to clone him so I can marry his clone) and Other Kelli quickly whipped out gifts. Gifts? What? Yes, Miss Kelli brought a sampling of Bath and Body Works lovlies. They’re body wash, bubble bath, and shampoo all in one! Whoot! I chose the Melon Cooler one. It smells good enough to eat with a spoon (although I’m sure it’s not) and I haven’t used it yet because well… I slept all day on Monday and haven’t showered yet, but I will today. :o)

Once on the road we all quickly began knitting after we’d scarfed our breakfast. Somewhere around Okemos Kristi was trying to figure out a way to differentiate between Kelli and Kellie (me). We discussed “Kellie J” and “Kelli K” (which was quite funny to me because in sixth grade I literally was called Kellie J all year because we had a Kelli K, Kelly H and Kelly S all in the same 6th grade group on the 3rd floor at Otto). But I think technically we ended up unofficially using “Other Kellie/Kelli” all day. If someone was talking to me, then Kelli was Other Kelli, and if someone was talking to Kelli, then I was Other Kellie. :o) So technical! Kelli brought stick on name tags and mini Sharpies (have I mentioned I’m in love with her? A Knitter, a Kelli, and she brings colored mini sharpies and gifts for complete strangers? I heart her!). “Kel Knits” is my knitting blog name.

Ann Arbor is only about an hour-ish away from Lansing so the drive wasn’t too bad and when you’re knitting things always go much faster. We wound up at the AADL (Ann Arbor District Library) around 11:45 and got in line outside with the other knitters. I didn’t take a picture of the library because I’m a tard. But it was nice. Dirty Sue and Blogless Jean (of the Ladies from Wednesday afternoons) showed up too and the giggling quickly began. Plus, Dirty Sue massaged my Ugly with hand creme with Almond oil in it while we were standing in line to get into the library. (Haha that sounds SO dirty! If you don’t know what The Ugly is, it’s the burn on my hand.) Ooh and Pat gave me a gift certificate for a knitting class that she couldn’t use… Whoot! Thank you Pat! It happens to be the week of graduation so what a happy gift it’ll be to me!

Stephanie (aka The Yarn Harlot) wasn’t scheduled to speak until 2:00 but everyone who went to this event last year told us that getting there early was essential in order to get a seat. So we were there before the library opened. LOL I think they opened the doors around noon and we quickly went in and grabbed seats about 4 rows from the front (except for Other Kelli who opted to sit in the front row with some other bloggers). We titled our row “The Lansing Row.” Kristi has a cute picture, so I’m stealing it from her. It’s little but that’s us. Left to right: Pat, Judee, Erin, Kristi’s empty seat, Sue, me, and Bloggless Jean who wasn’t looking at the camera lol.

We’re all happily knitting and sometime around 1:15 Tim (or was it Tom?) the Library Guy comes out and says “I have good news, and bad news.” We seriously thought that he was pulling a bad April Fools joke on us but no… it was real. His good news was that Borders had arrived and was now selling Yarn Harlot books in the hall. The bad news, Stephanie’s plane had made it to Detroit but then was turned around and sent back to Chicago because of fog. What? What? At this point Steph hadn’t found another flight yet, but they were crossing fingers and allowing us to sit tight and wait until further news was available. Oh and just to add to the drama, Stephanie’s luggage had arrived in Detroit with her cell phone charger, but Stephanie was in Chicago with a dying cell phone to call her publicist with. :op (Note to anyone flying to Michigan, don’t ever take a flight that connects through Chicago no matter how much money it saves you. Remember the last time I was supposed to fly through Chicago? One cancelled flight, two hours in line waiting to get another flight, SIX hours sitting waiting for new flight, and I still only got to Detroit and had to have someone pick me up and drive me to Lansing. O’Hare is the devil.)

So we keep knitting. A few people decided to go to the LYS down the street to pass the time but I stayed and knitted. I started a sweater for Devin but ended up ripping it out because I was doing too much talking and not paying attention so I fucked it up. LOL I then switched over to a baby bib for Devin from Mason-Dixon Knitting and that was much better mindless knitting for talking. Dirty Sue and Jean also attempted to show me how to do Continental Knitting which was uber cool but still confusing. I’m trying though. :o)

We weren’t allowed to have food in the room where we were but we smuggled snacks from the 2nd floor vending machines in anyway because sitting in a hot stuffy room on plastic chairs without snacks was not cool. We may be knitters and very patient, but we’re not that patient. :o) Did I mention that almost all knitters are bag whores? *nods* We are… Sue even bought a new one yesterday. hehe…

At two points we got entertained by super cute little kids who were at the library making April Fools Day hats… they came through and gave us a parade.

Finally Library Guy comes out for like the 100th time to update us and says that Stephanie has made it on a plane, and is scheduled to land at 3:00 and to be at the library at 4:00. Now any Michigander knows that landing at Metro at 3:00 will not get anyone to Ann Arbor by 4 unless you’re Superman or you’ve got the ability to Beam yourself up like in Star Trek. So we figured she’d be there by 5:00. Stephanie finally showed up shortly before 5:00 to a room full of 200 knitters who’d been sitting patiently for hours who were cheering and clapping for her as she literally ran in the room and up to the podium. I teared up because I’m apparently over emotional this week.

She then told the story of her day which had begun at 3:00 in the a.m. when she left Ohio for Michigan via Chicago. Oh and when she finally made it to Detroit, she’d missed the car to bring her to Ann Arbor and basically had no way to get there. So what happened? A wonderful stranger from her flight named Greg (some say Brad… I dunno but I thought it was Greg) offered to drive her. He was there and she pointed him out and we cheered and I cried again. What a good man!

Stephanie was freaking hillarious. Simply wonderful. I know that I’m going to have to buy her other 4 books when I’m done reading the one I have. Here’s a short video. Check out her fabulous Canadian accent… “aboot”

After she was done with her talk (which she cut short unfortunately), she set up for the book signing and we all got in a super long line. I kept knitting while in line. I wound up in line with Trish the Bloomin Knitiot whose blog I also read. :o) Oh and by the way, Stephanie has a rule that if you have a baby with you or in you then you don’t have to stand in the line to get your book signed. I quickly decided that next year I’ll be knocked up for this event. hehe

Then finally I was up there…

So close!

Checking out a gift someone gave her…

A blurry shot of the Lansing Row girls who’d already made it through the line. (That guy in the way back in the grey is Library Guy and the other guy with him is Hot Security Guy, the library had technically been closed for like almost an hour at this point lol)

Haha… she was showing off the sweater (hand knit of course! It was beauuuuutiful)

Then it was my turn. :o) She was uber sweet, of course, and thanked me for taking the time to decorate my nametag hehe… and after she signed my book, we took a picture. (I’m holding her sock… the sock has been on the book tour with her, you can see pictures of it all over the country in her blog.)

I managed to get Devin’s bib almost done…

I can’t remember what time we finally made it back to the Lansing area, but it was a hell of a lot later than we’d planned. :op I did get to meet Kristi’s hubster Noel though and experience the famous Otis and Maslow who are frequent stars of Kristi’s blog. :o) Otis was currently working on a new banana sticker record, he was up to 4 days. ;o) In all, it was a wonderful day and I had a blast! My knitter buddies are the BEST and I can’t think of a better group of ladies to share time and yarn with. 🙂 Seriously, who else can you talk about knitted thongs in itchy wool for itchy crotch days with? LOL

Last but not least, I got to meet Karen from Toledo who was sweet, Orange who was equally sweet and little crazy for knitting with 000 size needles, and although I didn’t get to meet her, I saw Larjmarj! :o)

Thank you, Stephanie!

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my daily blog is wher I do most of my updates. The latest pictures of The Ugly (aka my burn) are over there. In short, things are going okay. I’d planned on cutting out the Vicodin today but it was a no go when I realized just how much pain I’m actually still in without the steady stream of drugs. I’m going on 5 days now and the burn is still warm to the touch. So… for now I’m still popping pills every six hours. As long as I’m medicated the pain isn’t too bad. I can type again and I even knitted a few rows of my Clapotis yesterday so yay for that! I’ll be at the LYS on Wednesday with the Ladies again this week as long as I’m not taking a Vicodin Nap. 😀

Oh and Ele’s Place is covering my ER bill, thank goodness. Apparently their insurance will cover me since this happened while I was volunteering/interning for them. That made me very happy to hear. 🙂

Thanks a bunch for the well wishes! 🙂 You guys are the best!

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Interning is Dangerous

Optional Post Titles:
I Fought the Coffee and the Coffee Won
Hurts Like a Motherfucker
This is Going to Get In The Way of My Knitting
Looks Like I Won’t Be Typing for a Few Days
One Handed Typing

So… I interned today. I spent 4 hours in the office being a paper slave in between trips to the bathroom to blow my nose. I then took an hour break for lunch and Starbucks and met Pat at the Park & Ride out by my old job in Okemos. We drove to Ann Arbor where there was Facilitator Training for the new Ann Arbor Ele’s was taking place. We were in the kitchen setting up for dinner and crap and Jeanne was making coffee. A woman came into the kitchen to see if the decaf was ready yet and it was. So I put the top on the caraffe/thermos thingy and went to move it to the table with the food on it. Somehow, the pump handle to make the coffee come out got pushed and veeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hot verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fresh industrial temp coffee streamed directly on my left hand and down my leg. My leg is fine thanks to my pants, but I now have a massive burn on my hand. I had it iced all night and when I got back into town at 10 I came over to my mom’s. By then it had swollen up and looked bad, so off to the E.R. we went.

They’re calling it a deep 2nd degree burn. I have some sort of burn cream on it that has numbing shit in it (that isn’t working), I have 800 mg of Motrin in me (that isn’t working) and I just took a Vicodin (that isn’t working yet). Basically it feel like my hand is on fire, it’s real nice. But… with my Rx’s for major motrin and vicodin, it means I don’t have to go in to Ele’s tomorrow (today) because I can’t drive. Yay! So yeah… I’m gunna go e-mail Pat and tell her what the deal is and ask about if the Ele’s insurance is going to cover this shiz. Since yeah, unemployed, no paycheck, no insurance… greaaat. Hell in order for me to even get my Aflac payout for my ER trip I have to pay them first since I haven’t been able to pay my fees since I got laid off thanks to having no unemployment checks…

Maybe once the drugs work I’ll be able to tolerate one handed typing to make posts in my other blog but if I’m MIA for a few days, you’ll know why. And if this bastard blisters up you know I’m taking some nasty ass pictures to blog… lol


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