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I’ve been back home in Michigan for a couple days now and I already want to go back to Florida. But I want to take all of the people I love with me so that I don’t miss them. 🙂 Florida was simply beautiful… Just great. I got a tan, I lounged by the pool, I walked along the beach, and even got some knitting in. Just a lovely week. You can see pictures in my other blog. Then I came home Friday afternoon only to turn around on Saturday to leave town again to see Pink and Justin Timberlake in concert at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. That too was fabulous and I had a blast.

I haven’t knit in a few days and I’m itching to work on something soon but of course Spring Break is officially over so I really should make sure I’m working on homework before I work on knitting. :p Still working on the Clap and it’s going well. The increase rows are freaking torture and take much too long, but I’m still trucking along. I’m sure I’ve screwed up several times, but it still looks okay so apparently the screw ups aren’t too bad. 😀

Clap... still increasing.

My SIL gave me some yarn this afternoon that she’s not using. It’s cheap stuff but pretty and like I told her, “I’m not a yarn snob yet, so it’ll do.” 🙂

I still haven’t done the second wrist warmer for my mom that I began before vacation because of the needle chewing incident that I posted about. I only have one needle of that particular size so I’ve gotta get a new set before I can finish the pair of wristwarmers.

LOL My Kira just decided to join me by laying across my wrists as I type, so I think that’s my clue that it’s time to stop playing on the computer and snuggle with her instead… poor little monster missed her mama last week! 🙂 She’s being a little more obvious this time getting my attention though… last time she just sat behind my laptop and stared at me. hehe


Happy Knitting!

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