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Have Noro, will travel

When I found out about Allison’s little guy Evan and his need for surgery I went over to Supercrafty (Allison’s store) and ordered up my very first Noro. I’ve read people going on about how much they love Noro but I’ve never had any and since I’ve been wanting to try the Clapotis pattern from Knitty, I bought the Noro. I’m in love with the color, #92 a lovely blue that’ll go fantastically with jeans, and although the yarn was giving me a bit of trouble earlier I think I like it. ;o) Is Noro always thick and thin though? It’s been decently regular through my first ball, but there are some spots that are uber thick compared to the rest… just wondered if that’s normal or not. :o)

Knittin in Daytona

But yup, I started my Clap’ tonight during Prison Break and Heroes. Then I ripped it out because I screwed up. LOL But I’m going to start up again in a moment since I’m on vacaaaaaation and don’t have to be up to babysit in the morning or anything. I’ve been over to Knitting Help and watched the videos of the stitches I had wrong and I think I’ve got it now. :o)

Have I mentioned that I’m in Florida? Hehe…


My mother and I are in Daytona Beach Shores until Friday. It’s beauuuuuuutiful here. I love it. More pictures over in my other blog.

Anyway… that’s all for now. I’m going to finish updating my other livejournal and then do a little more knitting. 😉

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