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Needle suggestions?

I’m quickly running out of needles due to dogs that love chewing wood. First it was my now ex-roommate’s dog chewing my bamboo needles… now one of my mom’s dogs has found the joy of chewing bamboo as well. So I’m thinking about buying a needle kit of some sort so I have a bunch of different sizes to replace all of the destroyed ones.

I looked at the Knitpicks Options kit, the Denise Interchangeables kit, and they both look nice but I really don’t want to spend that much money without hearing from other knitters. Does anyone have either of those kits? And are they good, bad, or ugly?

Or, do you have a favorite brand of needle you use? They don’t have to be in a kit, I just want some nice needles. I’m not a needle snob, the only needles I’ve found that I don’t like are the Susan Bates plastic ones that you can’t see through (the see through ones I actually enjoy) and Boye metal straight needles creep me out but the cirulars are okay. 🙂

Thanks in advance for your help!


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