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Day of Knitting

I had a lovely day of knitting today (Wednesday although it’ll be Thursday by the time I post this). I finally made it over to TB for the Wednesday afternoon knit-in and met the lovely ladies whom I’ve blogged with for a while. Kristi didn’t get to stay long after I got there but I at least got to see cute little Mr. Austin! Oh he’s soooo darn cute! 🙂 It was lots of fun to sit around and knit and listen to people talking though, very nice. I think that after spring break I’ll be able to make it more often on Wednesdays because I shouldn’t have to babysit anymore on Wednesday afternoons. Yay!

I worked on my scarf that I started over the weekend while I was at TB and then finished it at Shawn’s before American Idol began. Then I started a pair of wristwarmers for my mom with this fabulous yarn I bought today at TB that’ll match her coat fabulously. I got one done by the time that Lost was over, so tomorrow when I’m once again sitting in front of the television all night I’ll finish up the second one. 🙂 Pictures soon.

And now… I really need to go to bed because I actually have to function like a person with a job tomorrow because it’s an interning day. 🙂

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Slowly but surely

Note: This was written Tuesday night but apparently got saved as a draft instead of being posted. Whoops. So it’s a day behind.

I haven’t had much time to knit… three papers were due this week and I’m anxiously waiting the end of the week so that Spring Break will officially begin. :o) I did start a scarf for myself last weekend though… here’s my knitting in public at the Laundromat…

Watch me do it in public

Yay yarn!

Hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow night during Knit Night with Shawn. :o) We had to skip it last week because I had too much homework to do and then had to cancel our Oscar night due to snow, so tomorrow will be fun. :o)

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My favorite feet

I’ve been taking pictures of my feet since I was a little kid. Now I’m 30 and I still do it, quite regularly. My vacation pictures almost always have at least one shot of my feet somewhere. :o)

Imagine my glee then when I saw that La wanted people to post feet pictures! hehe… Here are mine, because I can. :o)

Oscar has the best front paws ever… extra toes that make him look like he has mittens on. 🙂
Oscar Toes

My feet last summer on vacation…
My feet

And then a family feet picture (Minus one of my mom’s feet LOL). :o)
Group Feet

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