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Getting Closer

Wow… apparently I haven’t updated my blogroll in like… years. Because I just deleted over half of my links because they were out of date. More proof that Ravelry killed the knit bloggers. hehe…

Anyway… it’s been a while since my last big post of how I was going to get back into my art and conquer the world. I haven’t really done either. 🙂 I have however made a step in the right direction (or at least that’s my plan). In the next few weeks I’ll be transitioning from the job that robbed me of my personal life and my creative time, and replacing it with one that will put me back on a regular schedule and not require me to be on call. Yay! So my hope is that once I’m in said position I’ll be able to have a personal life again, stop canceling on my friends and family because I get a last minute emergency call, and actually spend time on things that I enjoy and want to do for a change. 🙂 This includes writing, blogging, reading, knitting, and all the other artsy fartsy stuff I enjoy doing. 🙂

And to prove that I do in fact still know how to knit… I give you one finished sock. 🙂

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