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I’ve never before in my life done a gauge swatch. Yes, I know… the absofreakinglute horror of a LYS Assistant Manager who hates to swatch, right? *rolls eyes* I’m just an impatient knitter… when I want to knit, I want to knit… not to knit a square that is going to be ripped out after I spend time making it. Ya know? I seriously crack up when people talk about doing swatches for socks. Seriously? *shrug* Anyway… considering the project d’jour is a shop model and really needs to be on gauge I’ll have you know that last night I did my first swatch. I hated doing it, and still don’t forsee a future of swatches made without bitching, but… I did it. 🙂 I haven’t actually checked to see if I’m on track or not because frankly, I don’t want to know. I want to think that my gauge is just perfection and I can begin the actual knitting. Cause if it’s not okay then I’ll have to re-swatch and yeah… that’s something that pretty much makes me want to gag. Plus if that’s the case then I can’t knit tonight during Idol because I don’t have any other needles with me. By eyeballing it, I think it’s okay, but I’ve gotta check for sure with the appropriate tools later.

What am I swatching for, you ask? It’s a vest. Mountain Colors Foothill Vest to be more specific. Something I’d never ever wear (not a vest person… nope), but I’m happy to make the model.

Made a new kind of stitch marker last night… so far I’m liking them.


Also made two more I ❤ Knitting pins for two of my girls who wanted them…



The pictures are kind of crappy, the colors are off… but you get the idea. 🙂 I also made a glasses string for Sabrina…


Lastly… belated pictures. 🙂

Knit Weekend Revisited… Kristi stole my camera during the Night O’ Wine and took a few self portraits. LOL This is my favorite. And this was before the back surgery! 🙂

And a Knit Weekend isn’t complete without a picture of Kristi laying somewhere odd on her back. Remember the last one?

Where's Kristi?

You’ve seen this Bergere de France ad in Vogue Knitting, right?

Come on, vogue!

Yeah well Franklin can rock the swing jacket too… hehe… 🙂

Finally… a glance at another kick ass birthday cake crafted at the last minute by my SIL and me. 🙂 For the non Star Wars people this would be the scene where Obi Wan and Anakin fight in Episode 3 and we find out why Darth Vadar needs the breathing machine and helmet thing in the future. 🙂 Hehe… Wesley specifically wanted that scene on his cake this year. 🙂

Star Wars rocks!

Tis all for now. 🙂

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I’m still around, really. I’ve even done some knitting. Not much, but a little.

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More socks… this time for me. I’m using the same pattern I used for my HP socks (although I’m considering ripping it out and doing a toe up sock), and yarn from Wool Girl (stitch marker from there too… so cute, it came free with my purchase). The yarn is Ravenclaw colored yarn by VanCalCar. I also have the Slytherin colorway too because it’s pretty.

I’ve been beading too. I made this set for my mom.

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And, one of the final gifts I made for the HP swap… magic scissors with a beaded handle that matched the stitch markers I made.

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That might have to be an Etsy project… They’d be easy to make in bulk, but something that is useful. :op

Harry Potter #7 was brilliant and I loved it. And The Order of the Phoenix movie… FABulous.

That’s all for now… tendonitis is yelling at me because my mom and I pulled up the carpet in my dining room last night. Ouch. Must rest hands so I can knit with the girls on Wednesday.

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I figured that since tomorrow starts another vacation for me I better get the last road trip documented finally so that when it’s time to blog about Florida I’m not behind. :o)

Our Knitters Weekend to St. Joe was simply wonderful. 🙂 We met at ThreadBear at 6:30 on Friday evening and once we finally figured out that Emily was waiting for us to pick her up at her house, we all hopped into Sue’s truck and hit the road. Well, after Captain Safety made a visit to the car and we pulled over before even getting out of the parking lot because Kristi couldn’t find her seatbelt. hehe…

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We all oohed and ahhed over Emily’s garden when we got to her house, and I of course snapped a picture of the pretty. :o)

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Before long, we were finally on the road and Kristi and I both whipped out gifts. 🙂 Kristi gave us each samples of her crafters hand balm that she makes, as well as a tub of chocolate body butter that smells so good you’d want to eat it. 🙂 I then gave each lady a set of stitch markers that I made up the night before.

Sue got the Sunflowers:
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Laura got the Yarn Ball charm:
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Emily got the Yin Yang because she mentioned wanting a Yin Yang tattoo like mine:
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And Kristi got the Dog charm because of Otis. 🙂 :
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Somewhere along the road Kristi lost her row counter which led to the first reoccuring theme of the weekend which was “Validate me!” We all had fun validating Kristi’s frustration instead of trying to solve the problem for her, and all weekend long we valadated each other on countless items. 🙂 (The elusive row counter was found, and lost, and found, and lost, several times through the trip… hehe)

As we passed Battle Creek, we got to see the hot air balloons launching at the air show…
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Kristi, Sue and I are all naturally dirty minded, so it wasn’t a big shocker when the dirty comments started flying. Sue served up an amazingly dirty one during dinner at Clementines (Best Onion Rings, EVER) which I won’t repeat because it was just that good. :o) Several memorable quotes were collected throughout the weekend though but I’ll save those all for the end of the post.

We made it to the hotel around 11 (I think) and used not one but two of the rolling cart things to take all of our stuff up to the suite. It’s quite amazing how much stuff five women can manage to pack for a weekend trip. 🙂 We then all found our cozy spots in the room and stayed up until about 2 or 2:30 knitting and talking before we all decided we needed to go to bed.

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Saturday morning we slept until like 11:30 (well, all of us but Laura who got up an hour earlier and went down to the gym) thanks to Emily telling us the night before that we’d want to close the curtains so no light would wake us up in the morning. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’m in a dark room, I’ll sleep all damn day. 🙂 Apparently Kristi felt the same way. 😉

We finally got up and dressed then walked next door to have lunch/breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. After lunch we were on a mission to find the grocery store that had a Starbucks in it. Yum. We found it, got coffee, and also picked up sun screen, magazines, and I got a notebook because I needed something to write down all of our memorable quotes in. 🙂

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After the store we eventually made it down to Silver Beach which was sooooo pretty! I’d never been to St. Joe before but I’ll certainly be going back, it’s a beautiful place right on Lake Michigan and the beach is wonderful. We plopped ourselves in the sand and spent several hours lounging around reading, talking, knitting, and people watching. All of us except for Miss Emily actually went into the lake too which was SO cold that by the time I got out (which wasn’t very long) I couldn’t feel my toes! I sent my mom pictures of the beach with my phone and she called me a brat then sent me pictures of Devin and I called her a brat. 🙂

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This can’t be the body of a woman who was pregnant with triplets seven months ago… 🙂
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Knitting on the beach… I wonder if this is what made Kristi’s back give out?
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When we finally couldn’t go any longer without food, we packed up our things and headed into the city for dinner. We walked around town for a little bit (and bought fudge at Kilwin’s… yum) while waiting for our table at Schues (sp?). Dinner was outside on the patio where we got to watch the sun start to set over the lake, watch people crusing with their fancy cars, and general people watching which is always fun. We’d planned on watching the sun set after dinner, but several people were cold so we just went back to the hotel instead.

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Our original plan was to hit up the hot tub when we got back to the hotel, but it was out of order so instead we took hot showers to warm up. hehe… Then it was time to knit and drink as many bottles of wine as we could. Kristi, Emily and I had killed one bottle on Friday night, which left four other bottles to drink on Saturday. Kristi and I made it through three before finally going to bed early Sunday morning. Let’s just say that we were a little tipsy. 🙂 And what’s really bad about me knitting while drinking isn’t that I mess up my knitting, but that the alcohol numbs my pain so I have no idea how bad I’m annoying my tendonitis until the buzz wears off. I got a ton of work done on my HP sock #2, but literally woke up that night/morning and couldn’t move my arms because they hurt so bad. I then stumbled to the bathroom and took some pain killers and even ran my arms under cold water to try and numb them up a bit so I could lay down and hope to get back to sleep. Once the drugs kicked in, I was much better, but man oh man… no one is allowed to let me knit for so many hours straight anymore ever again, especially if I’m drinking. 🙂

Laura as seen by Kristi through the empty wine bottles… LOL
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Sunday morning we got up and managed to pack the car up with all of our shit again. We headed back into town for lunch and wound up at the same restaraunt that we had dinner at. It took FOREVER to get our food, but it was good food. Then Emily needed ice cream so she and Laura went to Kilwin’s while Kristi, Sue and I went to the bead store called Just Bead It. 🙂 We all bought stuff even though I said I wasn’t going to buy anything. I got a ring that I love, and some memory wire for making rings with. 🙂

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HP Sock at lunch!
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HP socks in St. Joe!
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After that, we hit the road again to get back to Lansing. We knitted, laughed, and talked our way back to town and had a great time! I now know more about my weekly knitter buddies (including one of the coolest losing her virginity stories that I’ve EVER heard) and am so blessed to have them as friends!

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Haha… I love this picture… Poor Kristi. This was at a rest stop just outside of Potterville.
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L to R: Me, Sue, Kristi, Emily & Laura
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Memorable Quotes and Moments

~ Kristi’s Skank of Yarn
~ “Hold it so I can put it in…” – Sue to Kristi
~ “I have access to fingerpaint dust…” – Kristi to us all when discussing who’d stolen her row counter
~ Sue: “Yeah I bought this car from my son in law…”
Kristi: “And what does he do?”
~ “It should have been beautiful… but it wasn’t.” – Emily
~ Emily speaking about someone’s Elfin husband… hehe
~ “Did you just call me a cracker?”
~ Sue: “Is she needy?”
Emily: “Yeah, her tank isn’t full… but she loves her mother.”
~ “I’m at the end of my skank…” – Sue
~ “I don’t like my shorts wet!” – Laura
~ “I quite enjoy the elevator…” – Emily to the front desk guy at the hotel when we were checking in
~ “Everyone has a little asshole in them…” – Laura
~ “I think I already peed on myself…” – Kristi
~ “Once you get the main part in, it’s all about rolling and stuffing, rolling and stuffing…” – Kristi
~ “I’m already in the Book of the Dead…” – Emily

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Yesterday I got a wonnnnnderful surprise in the mail. Imagine my glee to get not only fun mail but mail all the way from Singapore! At first I was a little worried because my package was in this nifty plastic bag from the Singapore Post claiming that my package had been damaged…
Rut ro!

But… there was just a slight hole in the top of the package though so I think I ended up with everything still in there. My goodies:

I got a pair of socks (duh, it was a sock swap LOL), a beret, stitch markers, Brittany dpn’s, straights with Wizard Hat toppers, Tea (which matches my house colors! Too cute), Mini Tarot Cards, really cool swirly hair thingies, two hair clips, and a bracelet in my house colors with cat beads. 🙂

And just to prove that Oscar was there looking on as I opened my package…
Oscar loves knitting too

A close up of my knitting needles with Wizard Hat toppers…
So cute!

The socks are reversible… how cool!

And check this out…
Ooh la la!

Can you guess which Hogwarts house I’m in? 🙂 I LOVE all of my stuff! It’s so cool! Despite the fact that I’ve been knitting for several years, I’ve never actually received a knitted gift before, let alone two made just for me all the way from Singapore! I’m sooo glad I joined this Sock Swap. Thank you SO much Chrissie!

I’m still working on my first sock for my pal… LOL but it’s coming along nicely. See? I worked on it on the way to Cedar Point last week. 🙂 I’m on the heel right now (I worked on them last night so this picture is slighly out of date, but it’s close!)
Knitting in the car

And… I made my pal her stich markers too last week. Aren’t they cute? I really want to keep them. LOL 🙂
Ravenclaw stitch markers

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FO: stitch markers


They’re not fabulous because I really don’t like the wire I got, so they’re kinda sloppy, but they’re prettier than the old ones!



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Rainy Days

Ghetto fab...

I had to take Ravyn to school this morning (before it began raining, thankfully because one of my wipers went all ghetto on me…) and then went over to Michaels to satisfy a craft need. Have you ever been to Michaels right after 9:00 when they open? It’s soooo quiet and no one is there, it’s fabulous! Sure, I spent more money than I’d planned on, but I couldn’t help it… Or that’s at least the story I’m sticking to. 😀

I “needed” a memory book to scrap my Daytona pictures in, then of course I had to get cute stickers and rub ons to go with them… and a new glue stick.

They had Tropical Frogs!!! YAY!
Hehe… that’s Kira off to the right looking on. 😀

Then I needed some eye pins so that I can make some stitch markers. I’ve got a bazillion beads around here that could easily be put together to make some lovely stitch markers, but for some reason I can’t find my eye pins so I couldn’t do it.

Bead Stash patiently waiting to play.

But now I have them, as well as some new charms that I adore… they say things like Love, Live, Trust, Laugh, Create, Believe, Inspire and Imagine… so perfect!


After Michaels I hit Panera for a bagel (which is currently calling my name from the couch cushion beside me) and an IC Mango to soothe my throat. Mmm…

IC Mango, oh how I love thee...

I actually don’t feel too bad this morning, I just sound horrible because my voice is shot. :p But… I don’t have any homework due until Sunday, so today I’m going to sit here in my jams and craft. 🙂 If I’m not napping in the afternoon I might go over to knit with the Ladies, followed by dinner with the Fam, then more knitting and TV watching with my Shawnie. 🙂 Sounds like a freaking perfect day to me! I really need to find an independently wealthy man who will knock me up and let me stay home so I can have days like this more often. hehe…

Happy Hump Day!

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