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Check out the beauty that is my first completed Noro sock. Yeah, I still wish I’d done an afterthought heel but too freaking bad. I’m a frog lover not a frogger. hehe



In other yarny news… I learned how to dye yarn today and am in LOVE!!

Look at the COLOR!!

Look at the COLOR!!

That’s just one of my pretties… I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of dyeing this summer and that sock blanket that stalled last summer will be revived. 🙂


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One by One

One Obi wan Ka-Wessels sock, done…

One Fish for my boyfriends, done…

One birthday party for Doodlebutt’s second birthday, done…

And last but not least, one pain in the ass job search, done. *grin*

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Okay so I’ve been thinking WAY too much about this whole sock yarn blanket. I simply haven’t made enough socks to have enough scraps for this blanket. I have lots of sock yarn but it was all bought for duh… making socks! LOL So I either have to knit a bunch of socks in order to have scraps, buy a bunch of sock yarn specifically for the blanket, or… I can beg. *nods*

So I’m begging…

Do you have sock yarn scraps that you’re keeping just because you can’t throw them out?
Do you want to contribute to a project but not have to actually knit anything?
Do you love me?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, and you have spare sock yarn scraps around that you’d like to donate to me, let me know! 🙂 I’m looking for sock weight yarn, any color, preferably superwash, but I’m not that picky. Donors will not only get my undying love, but also some sort of hand crafted knitish goodness from me as a thank you (i.e. stitch markers, mini scissors with beaded cord, etc.).

If you know my e-mail address, hit me up. If you don’t know my e-mail address, comment and I’ll e-mail you.


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Lansing Knitters?

I’ve been thinking… I need a new Knit Group. Not that my old one isn’t near and dear to my heart, of course (and I do miss you all horribly)… but um, yeah.

So I’m in search of Lansing Area Knit Groups. What days and or nights do people knit around town? If possible, give me the when, the where, the who, and whatever else you think I should know. 🙂 And well, just in case it’s not obvious, non ThreadBear groups please.

Or… anyone want to start a new group? We could pick a night, overtake a coffee shop and just get knitty with it. 🙂

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Finished them last week. They’re not the best socks I’ve ever made, but hey… they’re FINISHED! LOL 🙂

Thanks again, Lynn! 🙂

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So my Backstreet concert last weekend was fabulous. I had a blast and ended up being in the 10th row which wasn’t too shabby (buying tickets through the fan club this year was sort of sketchy and I had no idea where my seats were until I picked up the tickets the day of the show… yikes!). I ended up getting a few really good pictures which made me happy too.

Knitting while waiting for the gates to open…

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Alternate Post Titles:
~ Black as my Soul
~ The Rainbow Connection
~ Boobs!

Last night I met up with Blogless Molly for some quality knitting/adult time that was needed by both of us. We had dinner at Panera in the mall and then moved down to Barnes & Noble where we scored two cush chairs near the knitting book section and sat for several hours knitting, browsing books, and laughing like the geeks we are followed by a late night raid of the Meijer craft section. :o)

The first round of giggles began when we saw this book across the room:

The book is described as:
The 420 pages of this book contain the most beautiful and provocative black and white and color photos ever created of these iconic women, plus nine original interviews, including the first with Tempest Storm and Uschi Digard in over a decade, and the last with Candy Barr before her untimely death in 2005. In a world where silicone is now the norm, these spectacular real women stand as testament that nature knows best.

It’s an interesting book to say the least. And the poor 15 year old kid who picked it up later that night and was as shocked to see inside as we were was a freaking hoot. Poor kid, “I’m scarred for life!” hehe… He was adorable.

Boobs aside though, we also saw something else pretty cool from our spot in the store, check it out…


Cool huh? It was huge!

Knitting was also done… I’m almost done with my lastest Bagstopper. I’m addicted to the damn things. :op I’ve gotta do the straps and this one will be done.


My iPod sock was finished last Sunday…

And I plan on casting on for sock #2 of my Happy Florida Socks today. They’ll now be my official Happy Florida & Backstreet Boys Socks though because tonight is concert night. Wee! Yes, ladies and gents… tonight is concert #18. hehe. I’ll be hitting the road shortly and grinning like an idiot for the rest of the weekend basically. :o) After tonight I’m also going to be spending the rest of the weekend with WONDERFUL friends and lots of knitting in one of my favorite parts of the state so it’s bound to be a good one.

Now pardon me as I prepare for The Hotness…

Happy Weekend!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. – Anais Nin

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