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My christmas knitting has come to a stall.  Wanna see why?

This is what my yarn stash looks like right now because my house was broken into on Wednesday.  My house is a big fat mess and several things near and dear to my heart are gone.  *glares at whomever did it*  Full story and more pix in my other blog.

The good: I wasn’t home when it happened.  My cats are all fine.  No one was hurt.

But… it still sucks big time. :p

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Goober & Ravyn

My Ravyn got to sing at the mall last week on Friday with her class and the Kindergarten class.  Here’s a few pictures…  She’s the tall one without the santa hat.  They made their own shirts too.

Ravyn sings 

LOL Ravyn and Rosie really getting into it….

And my Goober-head Devin… 9 weeks old and starting to drool like a champ. 🙂


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I’m going to use Oscar as my reason for not posting recently.  In reality, he really has very little to do with it, but he’s all I have pictures of so just play along.  😀

 Last week Oscar decided to get sick.  So I had to take him to the Kitty Monster (aka the vet).  And because we couldn’t find the kitty carrier anywhere, Oscar got to ride to and from the vet in a laundy basket with his favorite froggie fleece blanket. hehe…

 He was SO good in the car I had to take pictures.



$98, two meds twice a day, and one week later, Kitty Man is doing much better.  He’s learned to run like crazy when he sees me coming at him with the medicine syringe but he takes it like a man every time. hehe

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FO: Wrist warmer

It’s not a totally finished project because I still have a second one to make, but it’s a finished object. 😀

Not done   Done

 I’m hoping that with a wash that it’ll shrink up just a tad but if it doesn’t… oh well.

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