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So Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos had a contest not too long ago and I was a lucky winner. *yay!* Wanna see what showed up in the muggle mail yesterday?

I love a contest!

Purty pink speckled yarn that Chris dyed herself, a breast cancer awareness travel mug from Caribou Coffee, a retractable measuring tape (which Oscar the Tape Measuring Hunter has already been eyeing in the package), a CD full of cat-inspired songs (Chris has two kitties who often take the spotlight on her blog), Halloween socks with black cats on them (I shall name them Mayhem and Chaos in honor of Chris’ kitties), and even the card she sent with everything had a cat on it too! 🙂 I love getting fun mail! Thanks so much, Chris! The yarn is soooooooo yummy soft and beautifully dyed! I think it’s the speckled stuff from KnitPicks, right Chris? Whatever it is, I likey. 🙂

In knitting news, I have been working on the heelless sock, but they aren’t big enough to photograph with detail. They’re turning out uber cool though. Perhaps once I’ve gotten through the next set of repeat rows I can be able to show you what the design is coming out like. 🙂 Fidget has a pretty nice picture of the design close up… scroll down just a bit. 🙂

That’s about all I’ve got for now. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m off to see Maroon 5, The Hives, and Sara Bareillies for a belated birthday gift. I’m sure knitting will be done on the drive down to the Palace… wee!

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