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In the home stretch…

So close

Sock two is almost done. 🙂 Well okay, not almost done, but closer to being done than it was yesterday. Just a few more inches of ribbing and then these are finally all mine. Wee!

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Let’s try this again…

Apparently I’ve caused a bit of drama with my last post. I knew that post was going to bring the lurkers out and I probably needed to fully explain myself but I was too tired and cranky last night to really say anything more than I did. I’m still tired and cranky, but here’s the whole story.

First and foremost, my dislike of raverly is not because I haven’t gotten in. I’m not jealous, desirous or green with envy and I surely am not sulking. I’m not even on the freaking waiting list and frankly I don’t want to be. I understand that the resource that raverly offers can be a good one, maybe even an outstanding one. I understand that a lot of people who are already in love it and think it’s the greatest thing since jeweled stitch markers. I however don’t need another online networking site to suck away hours of my time. I spend enough time online doing everything that people are doing at raverly except that I do it the old fashioned way with an internet search and by talking to knitters that I know either in person or via blogs. I like doing it that way and will therefore continue doing it that way.

I do think that raverly is like a big clique just like each different blogging service and networking service is it’s own clique. WordPress vs. Livejournal vs. MySpace vs. Blogspot vs. Vox vs. Hi5 vs. Dead Journal vs. blah blah blah. Hell, I was a beta user of MySpace years and years ago and I remember how cool and fun and amazing it seemed when it was new… now it’s just a big pain in the ass that I barely log into anymore. It sucks away time and as it grows in popularity it just gets worse with bugs and malfunctions. I was a beta user of Livejournal too, and it was the same way once it went live. I can almost guarentee you that if raverly is still in the beta process with 20,000 users, as soon as it goes live that bad boy is going to crash just as much as MySpace does and Livejournal once did. Sure, if it survives it’ll get better and hopefully grow enough to handle all of it’s users just like a lot of the pre-MySpace services have survived and are now decent services. And If that happens, that’ll be great. I personally would rather spend my time doing other things though.

If you like raverly, well then good for you. If you’re on the waiting list and can’t wait to get your invite, yippie skippy. I’m not saying that people who are in raverly are bad, I’m just saying that I don’t want to be one of them. I also know that I’m not the only person who feels this way. Maybe I’m the only bitchy one to speak up and actually say that I don’t want to be a part of raverly (Oh the horror! I must not be a REAL knitter! *gasp*), but I know I’m not the only one.

So there… hopefully I’ve made myself a little clearer. Let a girl have her opinion okay?

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