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Getting Closer

Wow… apparently I haven’t updated my blogroll in like… years. Because I just deleted over half of my links because they were out of date. More proof that Ravelry killed the knit bloggers. hehe…

Anyway… it’s been a while since my last big post of how I was going to get back into my art and conquer the world. I haven’t really done either. 🙂 I have however made a step in the right direction (or at least that’s my plan). In the next few weeks I’ll be transitioning from the job that robbed me of my personal life and my creative time, and replacing it with one that will put me back on a regular schedule and not require me to be on call. Yay! So my hope is that once I’m in said position I’ll be able to have a personal life again, stop canceling on my friends and family because I get a last minute emergency call, and actually spend time on things that I enjoy and want to do for a change. 🙂 This includes writing, blogging, reading, knitting, and all the other artsy fartsy stuff I enjoy doing. 🙂

And to prove that I do in fact still know how to knit… I give you one finished sock. 🙂

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Sock it to me

So I lied. Last time I updated I said that the Noro sock yarn was going to wait until vacation. It totally didn’t wait. I started a sock and I’m in love with it.



I should have done an afterthought heel so that there wasn’t that funky stripe at the ankle, but no way am I ripping it back. I’ll just make sure that the pair I make out of the other skein has an afterthought heel so that The Pretty isn’t interrupted.

In other knitterly news, I made it back to Thursday Knitting this week, finally. It was lovely to get back to a little Knit Therapy with the ladies. I’ve missed it. I’m also going to be trying yarn dyeing soon too thanks to the Thursday Girls. Like I need another hobby?! Photos will be shared, of course. 🙂

That’s about it… my movie is almost done, my hands are knitted out, and my bed is calling my name. Can you hear it? Kellieeeeeeee! hehe

Happy Knitting!

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WIP: My fake Noro scarf

I wanted to do the Noro scarf that seems so popular this year but I couldn’t decide what colors of Noro to buy and kept putting it off. Then I went to Knit Michigan and fell in lust with “Mini Mochi” by Crystal Palace.
Mini Mochi

So I bought 4 skeins in two colors and cast on for a scarf when my Grandpa was in the hospital. Many hours of hospital knitting was had plus some knitting at home, at friends homes, and in coffee shops… it’s still not done but it’s progressing quite nicely if I do say so myself. 🙂


I’m using a US 4 and the pattern is the No-Roll Scarf pattern alternating between the two colors every two rows. 🙂


For those of you who don’t know what the No-Roll Scarf is:
Cast on a number of stitches that are a multiple of 4.
Row 1 – *K1, P3*, repeat * to *.
Row 2 – (The Important Row) – P1, *K1, P3*, repeat * to *, ending K1, P2.
Now, just continue working Row 1. DO NOT work Row 2 ever again!

Much more fun than doing a ribbed scarf. 🙂

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Lansing Knitters?

I’ve been thinking… I need a new Knit Group. Not that my old one isn’t near and dear to my heart, of course (and I do miss you all horribly)… but um, yeah.

So I’m in search of Lansing Area Knit Groups. What days and or nights do people knit around town? If possible, give me the when, the where, the who, and whatever else you think I should know. 🙂 And well, just in case it’s not obvious, non ThreadBear groups please.

Or… anyone want to start a new group? We could pick a night, overtake a coffee shop and just get knitty with it. 🙂

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So my Backstreet concert last weekend was fabulous. I had a blast and ended up being in the 10th row which wasn’t too shabby (buying tickets through the fan club this year was sort of sketchy and I had no idea where my seats were until I picked up the tickets the day of the show… yikes!). I ended up getting a few really good pictures which made me happy too.

Knitting while waiting for the gates to open…

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Alternate Post Titles:
~ Black as my Soul
~ The Rainbow Connection
~ Boobs!

Last night I met up with Blogless Molly for some quality knitting/adult time that was needed by both of us. We had dinner at Panera in the mall and then moved down to Barnes & Noble where we scored two cush chairs near the knitting book section and sat for several hours knitting, browsing books, and laughing like the geeks we are followed by a late night raid of the Meijer craft section. :o)

The first round of giggles began when we saw this book across the room:

The book is described as:
The 420 pages of this book contain the most beautiful and provocative black and white and color photos ever created of these iconic women, plus nine original interviews, including the first with Tempest Storm and Uschi Digard in over a decade, and the last with Candy Barr before her untimely death in 2005. In a world where silicone is now the norm, these spectacular real women stand as testament that nature knows best.

It’s an interesting book to say the least. And the poor 15 year old kid who picked it up later that night and was as shocked to see inside as we were was a freaking hoot. Poor kid, “I’m scarred for life!” hehe… He was adorable.

Boobs aside though, we also saw something else pretty cool from our spot in the store, check it out…


Cool huh? It was huge!

Knitting was also done… I’m almost done with my lastest Bagstopper. I’m addicted to the damn things. :op I’ve gotta do the straps and this one will be done.


My iPod sock was finished last Sunday…

And I plan on casting on for sock #2 of my Happy Florida Socks today. They’ll now be my official Happy Florida & Backstreet Boys Socks though because tonight is concert night. Wee! Yes, ladies and gents… tonight is concert #18. hehe. I’ll be hitting the road shortly and grinning like an idiot for the rest of the weekend basically. :o) After tonight I’m also going to be spending the rest of the weekend with WONDERFUL friends and lots of knitting in one of my favorite parts of the state so it’s bound to be a good one.

Now pardon me as I prepare for The Hotness…

Happy Weekend!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. – Anais Nin

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It’s been a while… Last time we spoke I was still in Happy World (aka Florida) and having a blast.

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