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Aside from the fact that knitting is cool because it’s an art and creative and fun and all that jazz, one of the main reasons that I love being in the Knitting Community is the friendships. I have managed to make myself at home in a rather crazy possy of knitting peeps who have filled my life with lots of giggles.

Yesterday just as the shop was about to officially close (even though we were open for several more hours due to it being Movie Night) one of my knitter girls showed up for hugs and some fiber therapy. Miss Kelli was in town for another bunny event at MSU and came in to visit. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m going to repeat myself… Kelli gives great hugs! I always love me some Kelli Hug. 🙂

Today was another meeting of my crazy road trip buddies. Marcia drove into town for an afternoon of Stitch and Bitching with me, Kristi and Dirty Sue. I didn’t manage to do much knitting (although I did pick up 84 stitches on the shop model I’m working on…) but what was more important was the side splitting laughter and snorting that was had. I’m sure the people at Houlihan’s where we had lunch weren’t so happy to hear us cackling like we were (and we weren’t even drinking alcohol!) but too bad… we had fun and that’s all that mattered. 🙂 We officially have a name for our group too… we’re the Circle of Brains Knitting Club. Don’t ask. LOL

I do have a few pictures to share… two of the yarny kind and two of the furry kind. 🙂

I finished a wrist warmer last night while channeling my inner Breakfast Club (that was for you, Kristi… lol). I’d originally started these back in November or December when Rob gave me a pattern. Then I lost the pattern. Then I got the pattern again a few weeks ago and managed to screw it up. LOL The pattern I had was for wrist warmers with a thumb but last night when I went to work on the thumb it was just all effed up and so I ripped it back out to before the thumb gusset and just made this:

Wrist Warmer

See how cool the color change is? Me likey.

I actually like this pattern better than the one I was attempting to do. I wear my other wrist warmers at work all the time and since those don’t have thumbs either I’d probably be bugged if these had a thumb on them.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Bonnie
Colorway: No idea… a pretty rainbow-y one. LOL

And now for the furry pictures…

Hehe… this is my Katie Boo. My mom’s Scottie. She looooves to have her belly rubbed so when I come in the house she automatically rolls over like this and waits for me to love on her. Silly nerd.


And a close up on the face because it cracks me up…
Silly Boo

And my boyfriend Busby… he was hanging out with us while we were knitting at the shop today. He’s too cute to not snap pictures of. 🙂

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“All new!”

We all know I’m a weird cookie… it’s just common knowledge. But I’ve been sitting here at my mother’s house watching TNT with her for the past few hours (because that is pretty much the only channel she ever watches. Ever.) and something’s bugging me. It’s the phrase “all new.” As in “You’re watching an all new Heartland. Next week an all new Heartland. Coming up next an all new Closer followed by an all new Saving Grace.”

All new, as opposed to a half new episode or a quarter new episode? Cause yeah, we sure get a lot of those. *rolls eyes* Of course it’s new, but all new? Geesh!

Like I said, I’m a strange cookie.

I’m a strange cookie who knits but unfortunately has a dead camera battery and a lost charger so no pictures to share. I finished a strap for my felted bag I posted about last night. Haven’t attached it yet, but I might do it tonight. I’ve also made it to the leg of my current sock. For some weird reason I chose to do a ribbed leg… so much slower than just a plain leg. But, it’s pretty.

Other than that, I haven’t really been doing much else craft-wise. No jewlery, no stitch markers, and no other knitting. Just my sock and my bag. I still want to do a sweater and even have a pattern but haven’t the cash to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn, so it’ll wait for now.

Oh… I read a somewhat knitting related book last week. “Knitting Under the Influence.” It’s a cute book. The knitting content isn’t huge, but so what, it’s a novel and it’s not about knitting, it’s about three women who are friends and they all knit. 🙂 I liked it. I’ve seen a lot of people complain that there’s not enough knitting in the book but what I think is this… if you want a book with a bunch of knitting content in it, read a pattern book. It’s not like when I go to knit with friends that alllll we talk about is knitting, so why should a book about knitting friends be allll about knitting? *nods* Exactly. 🙂

Anywho… happy knitting to all of you. I’m off.

Checkout my reading list on Goodreads – where you can see what your friends are reading.

Add me to your friends!! 🙂


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I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how weird is is that knitting makes me so happy. I mean, when you really boil it down, I’m just playing with sticks and string. Granted, I’m an easily amused gal, but come on… how can something so plain cause so much joy? How did I turn into this person who always has at least one project going and generally travels with said projects? All I know is that it’s a fairly easy craft once you get the hang of it, it’s not horribly expensive (until you become a Yarn Snob which I haven’t yet), and it feeds my everlasting need to be creative as much as humanly possibly every day. I honestly think, that if I could work in a yarn shop part time it would be like a bit of personal sunshine shining down on me. I’m just as happy browsing yarn as I am browsing books and drinking coffee… plus, Knitters generally rock. 😀 To be surrounded in people who rock is like my dream job (not to mention wearing blue jeans daily… that’s another dream). 🙂 Screw the two degrees I got in college, let me immerse myself in yarn! As long as it still pays my mortgage of course. LOL

Anyway… I really logged on to post some more pictures.

Here’s the sock I began the other night. Technically it’s not just one pattern. I used the Magic Toe Up Toe from Knitty and now I’m kinda sorta following a pattern I had laying around Pom Pom socks, but I’m not making these into Pom Pom socks, I’m just following the directions to turn the heel and then I’ll finish the socks as normal full length socks, not short anklets. The yarn is from ThreadBear and I bought it forever ago and don’t know the brand or the colorway anymore, but it’s pretty isn’t it?


And, my felted bag is dry. 🙂 Here’s an up the skirt shot of the inside…

Ooh... felty...

I can’t seem to get a good picture of the outside yet. Maybe in the daylight. 🙂 I’m thinkin’ that this bad boy could be a great knitting project bag. This one is mom’s though… I’ll make another one for me. 🙂

And just because… Devvie-Doodlebutt himself. 🙂

Devvy Doodlebutt

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I bought some wool back around mothers day in anticipation of making my mom a Booga Bag. I started one and then decided I didn’t understand the directions so it sort of just sat there for a while. Tuesday night while I was deciding what projects to take with me to Knit Afternoon and Knit Night on Wednesday I had an idea… Why not use the wool on my Knifty Knitter to make a bag?

So Wednesday evening at Shawn’s I started a bag. Last night at my mom’s, I finished it.

Before Felting…
Before Felting

After Round One…
After Round One

After Round Two…
After Round Two


Look Ma, I made you a perfect cozy for the sharps container! Hahaha… It’s currently in the window drying. I haven’t decided what to do about a handle/strap yet, but whatever. FYI… the sharps container is for Katie, the dog. hehe… she’s allergic to everything and has to have regular allergy shots.

In other news… I love my knitting friends. LOVE them.

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