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Lou Shawl, part 2

I  ended up ripping out the shawl.  The perfectionist in me couldn’t bear the idea of giving a gift with such a crappy error in it.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what I want to do for this shawl.  I’ve looked at a billion different patterns, tried a few, hated them all.  I saw this one today via a knitting community in livejournal and I love the look but it doesn’t exactly work for the yarn I have.  Which would mean another trip to the LYS for new yarn.  But Lou does live in Georgia so the lightweight of this pattern would be good.  Bah!  I’m beginning to think that I need to work on a different project so that I can finish something and feel the satisfaction of having a FO and then maybe I’ll feel motivated to work on the shawl.

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I mentioned not too long ago that I started my sister’s shawl.   


 Then I found a problem…


A mystery loop of doom has shown up and it’s so many rows back that the idea of frogging back to the loop makes me very sad.  I can’t decide if I’m going to rip the whole damn thing out and just start over, again, or leave it and try to make it work by fudging it. 

This on the other hand is the pretty that will one day make a scarf for a dear friend of mine who hopefully doesn’t read this blog. hehe… It’ll be what I call a “Norma Scarf” because my friend Norma who taught me to knit makes these beautiful scarves with bunches of different yarns and this will be my attempt at being cool like her. hehe.


 The colors aren’t true, but they’re all shades of pinks.  I think this will be the next project I begin because I can’t wait to play with all of the different yarns.

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I’m not getting nearly enough knitting done despite how close we are to Christmas.  But, that’s what happens when you’ve got a crazy person living in your house (who is in the process of moving out) and you’re in school and working full time. 

I did manage to start a new pair of wristwarmers this week.  I’m using this pattern, sorta.  I’m using the sock yarn I bought for myself in October because I STILL haven’t started any new socks, but now that I’ve begun making the wrist warmers and I’m seeing how purty the yarn is, I want socks out of it. :op  So I may just have to go back to Threadbear and buy two more balls of it and one day make socks to match my wrist warmers. LOL How tacky would that be?  Or maybe I can be crafty and turn the wrist warmer into a sock.  I’ve never done top down socks, so I haven’t a clue how to do it, but I’m still on what would be the top of the sock (if I were making socks).  I dunno, but I plan on knitting tonight in front of the television as long as I don’t fall asleep first. 😀  It’s cold and rainy out today, perfect for staying in and knitting.

Tomorrow’s the big day for Kristi!  Keep her and her boys in your happy thoughts!

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Gift List Scarves


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Scary thought

There are only 67 days til Christmas… which means 67 days of knitting!  Ack!  I really need to get going on knitting projects if I’m going to knit for Christmas. I was driving to work this morning and seriously cracked up thinking about it.  I mean, how do you ask someone how big their head is if you want to knit them a hat? LOL  I had a coughing fit from laughing so hard at the idea of asking my dad or my brother, “So hey… how big is your head?”  *snorts* This was all before coffee too. :op Seriously though, my brother Craig has a HUGE head, so if I make him a hat (which I’d really like to do because the one he has is all old and narsty) I need to know how big his freaking head is. LOL But yeah, I need to start making my list of people I’m knitting for and really get crackin’ on it.  Now that my Wednesday nights are FREE though *dances around*

Shawn and I are going to have Dinner/Knit/Lost nights on Wednesdays. Wee! :o)  Oh and I’m SO going to Threadbear tonight.  I never went over the weekend because I felt like shit and was supposed to be studying anyway… but yeah, I think the completion of a class entitles me to a trip to a happy yarn store and a purchase of sock yarn for me. ;o)  It is Socktoberfest, you know?

I tried to work on Devin’s hat last night and ended up ripping it out then starting over several times.  I wasn’t happy with anything last night, but I haven’t ripped it out again yet. :op I need some circulars small enough to do a baby/child hat on.  Maybe that would make me happy.  Maybe. 🙂

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