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“I love tequila…”

Greetings from Grand Rapids! 🙂

The weekend is going by fast but with much fun. 🙂 I haven’t been keeping very good notes for blogging purposes but I do have some pictures to share and a few quotes that will probably only be funny to those of us who are here. 🙂 But yeah… yesterday after a few delays and one wrong turn we finally set out on the road for GR. Just before we got to our destination it began snowing and hasn’t stopped since. Plus there’s a wind chill advisory on top of the snow advisory so basically it’s damn cold and snowy. 🙂 Snow can’t stop us though! Last night Marcia picked us up in Cabana Boy’s Pimp Mobile and we went to have dinner at a very cute bar-ish place that I think was called Big Bob’s or something like that. I really don’t know… 🙂 It was in Gaslight Village though which was very cool and there really were gaslights.

After dinner we went to Rite Aid for backup alcohol along with stuff for Kristi’s contacts because her eyes were burning. She then proceeded to take her contacts out in the store and then was blind for the rest of the night because she’d left her glasses back at the hotel. To prove just how blind she was, at one point when we were at Marcia’s knitting her husband Cabana Boy walked into the room and Kristi thought it was Marcia. LOL Several margaritas, damn good guacamole, and much knitting later, Cabana Boy drove us home (he was the Sober Sister for the night… poor man). Kristi was asleep in record time, and Sue and I followed not too long after.

Today we woke up much to early, but took our time getting around and finally left around 11:ish. We stopped at Meijer for Starbucks, a corkscrew, and cold medicine. LOL Then it was back to Marcia’s to pick her up so we could head to City Knitting. Apparently Sue and Kristi are not the Walking Road Map that I am because as we were driving down Marcia’s road they were totally looking on the wrong side of the street for the house and wouldn’t believe me until Kristi called Marcia and she verified that I was right. hehe…

Anywho… we went to City Knitting which is a very cute store. I thought the prices of some of the the stuff was a little high compared to TB, but in all it was really cute. We’d planned on sitting and knitting for a while, but there was a huge group of women sitting and knitting so we couldn’t stay since there wasn’t any room. Instead we left the store after making purchases (I bought yarn to make a scarf with, pictures later… I left it in the car) and went to have lunch at this uber cute place called the Green something. Haha… I told you I haven’t been paying good attention to detail. 🙂

Lunch was wonnnnderful and after we were thoroughly stuffed we went to a coffee shop nearby called The Stray Dog to knit. I had a beautiful mocha (it was just pretty…), Sue had plain coffee while Marcia and Kristi had tea in these very cool tea things that amused us greatly. There was a really pretty bit of eye candy working at the shop too which we had fun watching. 🙂

From the coffee place we drove back to Gaslight Village to see a big art thingy that Marcia and Kristi think looks like a big va-jay-jay. *snorts* Sue took pictures. Finally we made it back to the hotel, put on jammies, and have been knitting and drinking ever since. 🙂 I’ve successfully turned the heel and am on the home stretch of Sock #1 of the socks I was hired to knit. We’re on our third bottle of wine already with one more to go, oh and there’s a bottle of margaritas too but I think we’ll probably avoid mixing the alcohol types. hehe…

And now… pictures. 🙂

We knitted hats to donate to City Knitting for Knit Michigan. I made two…


A picture of our wonderful pizza from last night…

Kristi stole my camera during dinner…

Marcia’s pained look…

Sue giggling…

The Amazing Cheddar… Marcia’s doggie…

Looking for Marcia’s house this morning…

The cool tea dispencer thingy…

My pretty Mocha…

And check out how cool the heel flap is on this sock. Half looks striped (the left side) and the other half looks like hearts…

Last but not least, a few favorite quotes so far:

“Grandma got boinked on the boat…”

“I got boinked on the boat and had two kids…”

“I love tequila…”

“She’s going to be a Social Worker, bless her heart… She’ll probably be a better one than I am, the bitch.”

“I can stick my tongue up my nose…”

“His ass is just a crack and a hole…”

“Other Peoples Poop… OPP… I’m so not down with OPP…”

“Hang on I’ll be there in a minute, I’ve got to squee…”

“I’m so fucking sick of this sweater…”

“We don’t have people over very often…”

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