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This whole working two jobs thing pretty much blows. :p Especially when it comes to my knitting time! But… I’ve got a mortgage to pay and a crapload of bills so… I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m still working in the yarn shop and now I’m also working a temp job at the District Library here in town. It’s a 6-8 week job, full time, crappy pay… but I get to wear jeans and listen to my headphones all day long. 🙂 I’ve been there for a week so far. It’s a fairly painless job (although my tendonitis doesn’t exactly love it), I’m tagging items in one of the libraries for a new system which is going to be put into place sooner or later. So basically I put these nifty security sticker tags on every single item in the library and arm it so that it’ll work. This is what I look at for eight hours a day.


Wanna guess what part of the library I’ve been working on for the past three days?

How many cd's can one girl check out in a week?

Yeah… those are the cd’s I’ve checked out this week. 🙂 I’ve also checked out a knitting book and I’m sure once I start tagging the books tomorrow I’ll leave with more books soon. 🙂 Libraries rock. Free books and cd’s rock. 🙂 Aside from working at the library and the shop, my time pretty much consists of sleep, worrying about bills, and counting down to the new Backstreet cd (8 days!!!). Anyone know of a house flipper in the mid-Michigan area who wants to buy a cute little house in a great neighborhood to flip? I’d really like to get rid of the house so I can save some money. It’s a great house, but it’s old and needs a bit of work to be fabulous. 🙂

As for knitting… there’s been a little. From the above mentioned checked out knitting book I made a beaded knitted bracelet. I’d show it to you but I can’t find it. I think I may have dropped it at Kristi’s last night. :op It’s kinda cute… needs some tweaking (i.e. smaller beads) but it could be a darn cute (and super fast) project.

I do however have pictures of this pretty…

What is it? Well I’ll tell ya… it’s a baby leg warmer. 🙂

Wee Warmer

Or rather, it will be once I finish the ribbing. These are a commissioned project. My friend Heidi is making a dress for her niece and wanted some Baby Legs to go with them but preferred to have hand-knit Baby Legs instead of the store bought ones. So… I found a pattern by Knitting at Knoon and voila. 🙂 Once I get one done Devin is totally going to be a model for me. Hehe… Oh and I’m making them out of Biberon (sp?) and it’s quite soft. 🙂 I seriously want some sock yarn in these colors. 🙂


Last but not lease… I have this…


It hopes to be a hat to go with the Scarf O’ Pinkness. I’m afraid I ‘m going to run out of yarn though, so we’ll see… The Scarf O’ Pinkness is waiting patiently for a partner. 🙂

Pink and more pink

I hope everyone in the knitting world is doing well… I haven’t had time to read my blogroll much, but I’m thinking about all of ya! 🙂

See, Rob? I told you’d I’d make a post! 🙂

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