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Knit Map

Check this out… Knit Map.com is a site that’ll list knitting shops in a particular area (you put in the area and it searches for you. Uber cool!

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It’s been a pretty good week around here. I’ve been knitting and actually making progress *gasp* I don’t have any pictures because my camera was on empty and I had to charge it, but this weekend I should be able to show off some stuff. 🙂

I finished Ravyn’s Scarf O’ Pinkness tonight. She’s uber excited about it. I have to block it though so she can’t have it quite yet. I also have left over yarn so I’m thinking I might be able to make her a matching Calorimetry for her. I haven’t looked at the pattern yet though to see if I have enough. 🙂 If not, I’ll make up my own pattern, I know there’s enough yarn to make her something for her head. 🙂

I’ve also begun making a pair of Wee Warmers (aka the hand knit version of Babylegs) for a friend who wanted some for her niece. I casted on yesterday and I’m over half way done with the first one… such a quick knit! They’re darn cute too. Devin will be my model once they’re done even though they’re part pink… hehe

Other items still on the needles… Heelless Sleeping Socks and Lou Shawl version 1042 *lol* What I really want to make next is a new scarf for moi. It’s finally cold enough around here to actually put a scarf to good use (I turned my heat on at home this morning…) so I think it’s time for a new one for ME! 🙂 Ooh and fingerless gloves too, gotta make some more of those. Plus I’ve got lots of Christmas knitting to plan and begin. Yikes! I really need a weekend knitting retreat soon!

Tis all for now… 🙂

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