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“All new!”

We all know I’m a weird cookie… it’s just common knowledge. But I’ve been sitting here at my mother’s house watching TNT with her for the past few hours (because that is pretty much the only channel she ever watches. Ever.) and something’s bugging me. It’s the phrase “all new.” As in “You’re watching an all new Heartland. Next week an all new Heartland. Coming up next an all new Closer followed by an all new Saving Grace.”

All new, as opposed to a half new episode or a quarter new episode? Cause yeah, we sure get a lot of those. *rolls eyes* Of course it’s new, but all new? Geesh!

Like I said, I’m a strange cookie.

I’m a strange cookie who knits but unfortunately has a dead camera battery and a lost charger so no pictures to share. I finished a strap for my felted bag I posted about last night. Haven’t attached it yet, but I might do it tonight. I’ve also made it to the leg of my current sock. For some weird reason I chose to do a ribbed leg… so much slower than just a plain leg. But, it’s pretty.

Other than that, I haven’t really been doing much else craft-wise. No jewlery, no stitch markers, and no other knitting. Just my sock and my bag. I still want to do a sweater and even have a pattern but haven’t the cash to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn, so it’ll wait for now.

Oh… I read a somewhat knitting related book last week. “Knitting Under the Influence.” It’s a cute book. The knitting content isn’t huge, but so what, it’s a novel and it’s not about knitting, it’s about three women who are friends and they all knit. 🙂 I liked it. I’ve seen a lot of people complain that there’s not enough knitting in the book but what I think is this… if you want a book with a bunch of knitting content in it, read a pattern book. It’s not like when I go to knit with friends that alllll we talk about is knitting, so why should a book about knitting friends be allll about knitting? *nods* Exactly. 🙂

Anywho… happy knitting to all of you. I’m off.

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