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Huge Mary Kay Sale!

I seriously need to move some inventory so I’m having a big sale.

Here’s the deal… anything that I have in stock is 50% off. That’s right, HALF OFF!

Anything that I don’t have in stock will be full price since I’d have to order it and pay shipping etc.

Go to my website, and make a list of what you want. E-mail me the list ( kelliej at marykay dot com) and I’ll check it against my inventory to see if you get the discount or not. If I don’t have something and you decide you don’t want to pay full price, no problem. But if you want to go ahead and get something at full price, that’s cool too. 🙂

Sound like a deal?

If you have any questions about products, please let me know. 😉

Now go shop! 🙂

Please note: Prices listed on the website are not sale prices, they are the normal full price.
Another note: This discount does not apply to purchases already made, sorry!

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