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I bought some wool back around mothers day in anticipation of making my mom a Booga Bag. I started one and then decided I didn’t understand the directions so it sort of just sat there for a while. Tuesday night while I was deciding what projects to take with me to Knit Afternoon and Knit Night on Wednesday I had an idea… Why not use the wool on my Knifty Knitter to make a bag?

So Wednesday evening at Shawn’s I started a bag. Last night at my mom’s, I finished it.

Before Felting…
Before Felting

After Round One…
After Round One

After Round Two…
After Round Two


Look Ma, I made you a perfect cozy for the sharps container! Hahaha… It’s currently in the window drying. I haven’t decided what to do about a handle/strap yet, but whatever. FYI… the sharps container is for Katie, the dog. hehe… she’s allergic to everything and has to have regular allergy shots.

In other news… I love my knitting friends. LOVE them.

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