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So remember how I posted about the Harry Potter socks turning out too small for my pal? Well, last night my girl Shawn tried the socks on and they fit her just fine. Shawn’s a size 10. I’m a size 8.5 and my swap pal is a 9.5. Know what this means, folks? I’m sending these badboys to my swap pal! If they fit Shawn okay then they should fit my mystery Hogwarts pal just fine. And… this means the yummy Ravenclaw yarn I bought from Woolgirl is all MINE! *bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!* *grins*

Not much knitting news… I’m working on the second sock for the above mentioned swap, and I’ve been making heaps of jewlery again. This weekend a bunch of the Wednesday afternoon knitters (Kristy of Red Dog Knits, Dirty Sue, Blogless Emily and Blogless Laura, and I) are going on a knitting getaway to St. Joe. We’ll be loading up Sue’s truck with wine, yarn, needles, munchies and whatever else we might need for the trip tomorrow evening and then will be back Sunday. Bliss! I’m sure I’ll have pictures to share by the time we get home. 😀

Speaking of this trip o’ joy… I need to go to the grocery store for wine and sunscreen. 🙂 See ya!

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