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Fudge Nuts!

Tonight while browsing for books at Schuler’s I came across a display that both excited me and then made me spew a few “bad words.” It was a countdown to the new Harry Potter book. The featured number of the day was 29. Which means that now that it’s after midnight, the number is now 28 days. I have 28 days to finish my socks for my pal. This shouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I finished the first sock last week and it’s TOO SMALL FOR MY PAL! *head:desk* I used a bigger size and even waited longer to begin the toe and yet the sock winded up being perfect for my size 8.5 foot and not so perfect for my pal and her 9.5 size feet. *whines more* I do not have the patience nor the skills to rip out the sock in order to add length to it. So this means that I’m going to have to keep this pair for myself and make a new pair for my pal. Many people seem to think that I purposely screwed the sock up so that I could keep them myself. I swear to you this isn’t the truth. I really would love to know these socks would fit my pal.

Darn cute though, huh?

So yeah… 28 days. *grumbles* Crappity crap crap crapsters.

A bit of happiness though… Kristi, Sue and Blogless Emily and I are running away for the weekend next weekend to knit and enjoy each other’s company on the shores of Lake Michigan. Wee!

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