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Sock pains

So I’ve got those stupid little gaps in my sock where the fabric switches from one dpn to the next. They’re driving me crazy!!

Why does this happen? And is there a way to stop it? I try to make the stitches between dpns tighter to avoid this, and maybe it’s working in some sections, but not all. I really didn’t enjoy knitting on two circulars all that much, but I bet this doesn’t happen when using that process, huh? Blogless Jean was knitting one sock on one circular though when we went to see the Harlot… perhaps that’s my next method to try? Because really… these gaps aren’t cute. I wonder though, will they get better once washed? Or are they doomed? Because this is my HP Sock Swap sock and I don’t want to send a defective sock to a pal ya know?

Anywho… here’s the progress so far. I’m still on the heel flap and it’s forever long. I like the way the heel looks, but geesh… I don’t recall my toe up socks ever taking so freaking long to turn the heel. And, it looks funny, but I was happy to see that Rob has a sock on his blog that looks like mine, so this gives me faith that I didn’t do something wrong. 🙂

I’m using the Simply Splendid Socks pattern by Lucy Neatby from her book Cool Socks Warm Feet.

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