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Yesterday I got a wonnnnnderful surprise in the mail. Imagine my glee to get not only fun mail but mail all the way from Singapore! At first I was a little worried because my package was in this nifty plastic bag from the Singapore Post claiming that my package had been damaged…
Rut ro!

But… there was just a slight hole in the top of the package though so I think I ended up with everything still in there. My goodies:

I got a pair of socks (duh, it was a sock swap LOL), a beret, stitch markers, Brittany dpn’s, straights with Wizard Hat toppers, Tea (which matches my house colors! Too cute), Mini Tarot Cards, really cool swirly hair thingies, two hair clips, and a bracelet in my house colors with cat beads. 🙂

And just to prove that Oscar was there looking on as I opened my package…
Oscar loves knitting too

A close up of my knitting needles with Wizard Hat toppers…
So cute!

The socks are reversible… how cool!

And check this out…
Ooh la la!

Can you guess which Hogwarts house I’m in? 🙂 I LOVE all of my stuff! It’s so cool! Despite the fact that I’ve been knitting for several years, I’ve never actually received a knitted gift before, let alone two made just for me all the way from Singapore! I’m sooo glad I joined this Sock Swap. Thank you SO much Chrissie!

I’m still working on my first sock for my pal… LOL but it’s coming along nicely. See? I worked on it on the way to Cedar Point last week. 🙂 I’m on the heel right now (I worked on them last night so this picture is slighly out of date, but it’s close!)
Knitting in the car

And… I made my pal her stich markers too last week. Aren’t they cute? I really want to keep them. LOL 🙂
Ravenclaw stitch markers

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