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Quickie update

I’m going to have to re-start my sock that I posted about the other day. Turns out that somewhere along the way my needles were weird and so when I went to turn the heel, it wasn’t lining up right with the rest of the sock. Oh well… the toe was beginning to drive me nuts anyway since it was a different size. 🙂

I bought yarn to start my Harry Potter swap socks too so I’m excited about that. It’s a self striping yarn that is very close if not perfect to the Ravenclaw colors so as long as it looks okay I’m using it. If it turns out weird-looking then I’ll keep it for me. 🙂

FYI to my TB ladies, I totally forgot to tell you this week that I won’t be at the shop on Wednesday this coming week. I’ve got that Double Knitting class that day and it’s offsite so I’ll be in Old Town all day. I’ll be back the next week though and will have been through my graduation! Woo! Of course the degree won’t be official until later this summer, but I’ll be DONE! Woo! I should have knitted some SHU socks to wear to graduation on Sunday! Geesh… silly me. Think of me around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday May 6th and wish me a safe walk across the stage without any tripping or doing anything silly! hehe…

That’s all for now… mwah!

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Socks galore!

A motherload of sock patterns…

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