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Need yarn fix

I haven’t knitted since last Wednesday. Well no, I’m lying, I did attempt to begin a new project on Friday night but it didn’t work so I frogged it. So I haven’t done any real knitting since Wednesday and this is sad. No, I’m lying again… Thursday night I was doing some mindless knitting of some yarn I bought for my mother years ago when she wanted to knit. Anyway… I had a dream last night that I was in a new house and was going through a bunch of these hidden cabinets above the window seat and I found someone’s knitting and stuff. LOL It was this crazy beaded double knitted sock that was for some reason missing the heel. :op I was so excited to find yarn in my house! LOL So apparently I need to knit tonight. I’m going to say screw the homework and instead spend the evening watching televison *YAY Heroes is back!!! Whoot!* and knitting.

I’m thinking I might start a What Knot Scarf… I saw the pattern a while ago in Lisa’s blog and I loved it, but I wasn’t quite at that level of knitting to tackle it. But I’m pretty sure I can do it now. Do I need to make a scarf when it’s 70 degrees outside? Not so much, but if it’s pretty then it doesn’t matter. :o) I have two skeins of Lorna’s Laces that I had planned on making something else with ages ago but it didn’t work out, so I might as well make myself a twenty dollar scarf, yes?

I really want to tackle Perdita again too but I can’t find the supplies I bought for them. A great deal of my yarn is still in a big tangled mess from my break in back in December because I haven’t wanted to deal with untangling it. The perdita stuff is probably in there some where. *le sigh*

I also have a sock started that has been sitting there forever begging me to play with it while I’ve been paying all of my attention to The Clap… And I have my Harry Potter Sock Swap knitting to do, but that has to wait until I get my tax refund this weekend. :o)

I suppose I should go. I’m at my mom’s house and in order to actually knit I need to go home. :op

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