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I mentioned not too long ago that I started my sister’s shawl.   


 Then I found a problem…


A mystery loop of doom has shown up and it’s so many rows back that the idea of frogging back to the loop makes me very sad.  I can’t decide if I’m going to rip the whole damn thing out and just start over, again, or leave it and try to make it work by fudging it. 

This on the other hand is the pretty that will one day make a scarf for a dear friend of mine who hopefully doesn’t read this blog. hehe… It’ll be what I call a “Norma Scarf” because my friend Norma who taught me to knit makes these beautiful scarves with bunches of different yarns and this will be my attempt at being cool like her. hehe.


 The colors aren’t true, but they’re all shades of pinks.  I think this will be the next project I begin because I can’t wait to play with all of the different yarns.

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Still working on the wrist warmers I posted about last week.  I really need to stop knitting for myself and focus on gifts. 😀


And a close up of the pretty… Steinbach Wolle.  I have no idea what the color name is because its not in English. hehe… but I love it.  I got it at Threadbear.

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