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Still knitting…

No knitting pictures to share right now, but I am still knitting! :o)    I finished the scarf from my last post for Ravyn a week ago and it’s quite lovely… she’s enjoying it quite a bit. 

I also began then ripped out and re-started a shawl for my baby sister. :op  I had a pattern I was using but it was driving me nuts so I decided to just wing it instead.  Now it’s basically 5 rows of knitting, a drop stich row, 5 rows of knitting, a drop stitch row, etc. etc. :o) I’ll take a picture once it’s far enough off the needles to actually see what I’m doing. :o)  For some reason I decided to do the shawl on straight needles instead of circs and well… it’s working just fine but I can’t see the progress as easily because it’s all jammed on my needle.  LOL I’m special.  Tonight is Lost/Knitting Night though so hopefully I’ll make some decent progress on it to show off. Oh and I’m knitting it in Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft that I got at Threadbear.  I think I have the Shepherd Sport version of the yarn, it’s super soft.  Yummy.


I still haven’t started the socks that I bought yarn for three weeks ago. 😦  But my Saturday class ends this Saturday which means I get to reward myself with more yarn! 🙂  I need to take my mother to Threadbear, she hasn’t been there yet and was telling me the other day that she wants to re-learn how to knit.  Maybe a store full of yummy yarn will help motivate her.

I realized over the weekend that I never took pictures of Devin’s finished baby blanket.  We were at the movies Saturday and I snuggled him as he slept through the whole movie and used the blanket.  It’s still not my favorite thing in the world, but it looks better now that it’s been washed.   I’ll try and get pictures of that the next time I’m over loving on him.  He’s up to 10 lbs 9 oz now! 😀  3 ounces more than Wesley was at birth.  *giggles*  I do have pictures of the kids I could share… 😀

Here’s Devin’s finished birth announcement with the belly cast picture. :o)

And here’s the Goober himself at McD’s yesterday…


Wesley enjoying Nuggets dipped in Ranch…

And finally… Miss Ravyn also stuffing her face. 😀

Tis all for now… happy knitting!

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