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A sad day…

Words can’t really express how sad I am right now to have learned about Kristi & Noel’s loss.  I’ve never even met the two of them in person yet and still I have such a great connection through just talking about knitting and babies and living in the Lansing area.  I’ve watched Kristi’s pregnancy progress since she first made the announcement in her blog and now I sit at my desk here at work in tears over the little one we’ll never get to know.  As soon as I read her latest post my day suddenly stopped.  I’m a trained grief counselor and even I have been just floored by the news of Baby B.  I know things like this happen and still, no one wants to think that it will.  I certainly didn’t.  I can’t imagine how hard this must be for Kristi and Noel while trying to grieve and yet stay strong for each other and Baby A & C.

I’ve been touched at how wonderful the knitting community is and how we all seem to take care of each other without a second thought.  I know that knitters all over are sending their best to Kristi and are thinking of her family.  I also know that I’ll be keeping up the hope that Baby A & C make here without any trouble… my heart goes out to them and to all of the wonderful knitters who have shown so much love to Kristi and her family.

 Please keep them in your thoughts and help bring the boys into our world safe and sound.

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